What is he, a safe toilet

in every home, in every country there is a toilet.Probably the second most important place after the kitchen.Maybe even the first one.

In any toilet should be observed for the safety of all family members, do not forget about cats.


1. Floor or coating.

Usually, the floor in the bathroom, tiled, which is cold and slippery.Pay attention to her relief when buying.

can use the mat for the toilet.Make sure that it does not slide on the surface.If you can be securely attached to the floor, it is a guarantee of the safety of your cubby.

2. The holder of toilet paper.

This is a great accessory for the toilet.All kinds of creative concepts and emissions can not be found on the Internet.

Everybody wants to surprise someone.When buying do not forget that the toilet paper holder must be reliable and convenient design.That they could take advantage of the smallest member of the family.Even my grandmother could deal with it the first time.

plastic holder can choose cheerful colors to set the mood in the morning.Or pay attention to strict plated accessory.

3. Shelves for details

Such a thing is useful for any washroom.Put it in fragrances, removable paper roll.Put your favorite crossword puzzles and pen.Maybe they will lay your child's favorite toy.

Well fasten the shelf, so that it is not overturned in the case of action.

4. toilet brush.

accessory Pick the color of wallpaper or tiles, so he did not stand out.Its capacity can be poured little disinfectant to prevent odor.

5. litter box

Put it so that the cat was convenient to use.

Do not forget the filler.It can be lumps melokamenny or sawdust.Cats also love the comfort and safety at the point of the toilet.If you guess right with the filler and the tray, she does not appreciate sudden puddles.

desirable that the animals did not have access to the filler.Sometimes they tend to eat it, it will adversely affect their health.

6. fragrances.

Sometimes its presence is necessary.Pick smell nice for all family members.

very useful thing, hygienic toilet block.It is of various kinds.But they are all designed to preserve the freshness and cleanliness after using the toilet.

7. toilet bowl cleaners.

Usually it is very corrosive substances, so they should be stored out of reach of children.

If you search well, you can find a natural mixture.They do not emit corrosive fumes, do not damage the skin if accidentally hit.Have a pleasant fruity scent.

7 significant moments pledge of purity and comfort of your toilet.Secure the toilet, it means that there is always clean and nice.You can safely think about the eternal and close, literally, from irritating factors.

Always leave a place of solitude so, how would you like to see him next visit.