How to test the ignition coil

In the life of any driver having unusual situation where some of the car stop working.Any malfunction may occur on the road, at the worst possible time for this.In no case can not panic in such situations.We need to gather strength and to try to correct this problem with the car.Very often, drivers are faced with the ignition system.As a rule, the car just will not start.How to test the ignition coil with the help of available funds on the road?Such questions arise for any driver who often leaves the territory of his native city.

Modern cars may have different manufacturing contactless ignition system.Verification of the system presents no difficulty, so it can be done using a tester.

How to test the ignition coil knows any driver.This test can be done at home as well as at special service stations, which can offer additional services to repair your car.Very often, the drivers try to check the ignition coil at home.Many do this work for the first time without any fear.

Before you begin any of the test the ignition system, make sure that there is no spark.Next, you need to do unplugging the connector, which is connected to the switch.It is important to connect the unit to a measuring kolodchatym terminals, and then enable the ignition system in the vehicle.The voltmeter should show the value of the battery voltage.It often happens that the value obtained may not always match what was expected to see.In such cases it is advisable to check the wire that goes from the ignition to the coil.If the wire is damaged, it must be replaced.Damaged items can interfere with other devices, so it is always recommended to be changed to work.

After replacing the wires must be connected to other terminals pads.Again recommend to turn the ignition system of the car and evaluate the scale of the instrument.The tester should indicate a voltage which corresponds to the voltage of the battery.If this identity is not there, then you must disable the wire from the battery, switch, and then measure the resistance between the switch and the plus and minus terminal and.When it is necessary to lay down the data.You will be the result of 0.2 Ohm.Such action is preferably carried out only when the ignition system.

How to test the ignition coil and it does not spend a lot of effort, thought most drivers.Inspection it would reveal the top of the plug of the ignition system.After it is necessary to measure the resistance of the primary winding.The rate of such resistance should be 0.9 ohms.The same must be done with the secondary winding.

How to test the ignition coil WHA, may prompt professionals in this business.Typically, such work can be performed on the SRT.Qualified experienced specialists will eliminate the problem in about half an hour.Check the ignition coil is held on a specially equipped stand, by which the simulated speed tramblera.In any rotation of the coil appear sparks.

How check the ignition coil, having little knowledge in this area?It is necessary to take advantage of the ammeter, which is located some cars on the instrument panel.Arrow ammeter will remain at zero if the ignition coil is faulty.In such a case should be promptly change it, do not forget about the correct polarity when installing a new reel.