How to prepare the car for a long trip?

For modern man traveling by car over a long distance becomes an exciting adventure that will long be remembered.However, positive emotions such an event would leave only if the vehicle will be well prepared for it.Of course, from damage in the road it is not perfect, but we can reduce the probability of such trouble to a minimum.

What to do before departure?

Before the road, make sure that the car is in good condition, meaning it technically sound.Look at everything carefully.Timing belts and rollers, whistling and pump rollers whining fuel pumps must be changed before the trip.

sure to check the condition of the tires.Tires must match the season, and the tread should be sufficiently deep.In the off-season is better to choose winter tires.The fact that the travel time weather can change several times.If the weather is normal, then on winter tires are you'll feel quite well.And if you are freezing, and you will go on summer tires, the trip will be dangerous for you.

Repair or ...

also important to soberly assess your ability and opportunity to repair your vehicle.For example, if you will not be difficult to change a punctured tire, maybe it "prebortovka" will be for you challenging.If you find any manipulation of repair are the problem, it makes sense to turn to the service station.

You must be prepared for any trouble that may occur on the road.From possible theft will save you car alarm with auto .But during a trip, you can be faced with fraud, or simply poor-quality products.For example, you can spoil candles substandard gasoline.At home in the area you know well where you can refuel, and where better not to go in any case.But in an unfamiliar area you will be refueled at any filling, and unfortunately, such incidents occur.Therefore, in travel, just in case a second set of spark plugs and spark plug spanner.

grab what else?

Also, no harm will be the most basic set of tools which should include several different screwdrivers, pliers, wrench, knife folding, electrical tape, small transactions.Be sure to take in the street lamp and driving lights., Battery charger and cable.And another thing: do not leave home without a long fire extinguisher, warning triangle and first aid kit.