History of the Martini

this drink was born more than two thousand years ago.How to detect the famous physician Hippocrates, vintage wine from the island of Crete, wild flowers mixed with anise and artemisia, acquires medicinal properties.The popularity of the drink gained after Alessandro Martini sent the first batch of sweet vermouth outside Europe.Martini in a very short time, conquered not only America, but also Asia, Africa and even Australia.Drink martinis, did not drink, and sip slowly and elegantly, it has become extremely fashionable and prestigious.

In the XVIII century "wormwood wine" tasted the Italian monarchy, which is an oxymoron in this world came to taste wine."Wormwood wine" has been in vogue.

July 7, 1847 in Piedmont four winemaker organized company, which they named Distelleria Nazionale Di Spirito Di Vino.This firm production, bottling and sale of wines, liqueurs and vermouths.

Initially, the company's business was not very good - the number of customers is hardly exceeded fifty.But then something happened that, in principle, led to the birth of a martini - the company hired a young sales agent Alessandro Martini.He went on a fundamentally new way of development of the company - and put everything in a sharp increase in sales of vermouth.Levels of sales went up sharply.In fairness it should be noted that the company's success depended not only on Alessandro Martini.At the same time he got a job in the company Luigi Rossi, a famous herbalist and an expert on herbs.Without changing the composition of the bouquet Piedmont, he perfected his coming to the unique composition of spices, herbs and wine, which is used in Martini & amp; Rossi today.

soon led the company stands Martini and Rossi.And July 17, 1863 the company re-registered under a new name - MARTINI, Sola & amp;Cia.

martini Sales began to grow - in 1866, Martin was sent to conquer Brazil, in 1867 - the United States.For some four years, the company has established supply to Argentina, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Egypt and Turkey, becoming thus the largest in Italy in grape production.Vermouth loved not only in the Americas, but also in Africa, Asia, North Europe.

Company made several advertising campaigns - in 1866 the drink was on display in Dublin several awards.In 1867, the wine makers went to Paris, returned there in triumph.All received medals and awards immediately placed on labels.

Since 1868 Savoy coat of arms decorated with a bottle of martini.And in 1872 it was added to the symbolism of King Louis the Portuguese and the British Parliament, after which trophies and titles fell in abundance, and soon on the label Rossi vermouth was overcrowded.

Martini was the best drink in several countries.And, after 1870, Rossi buys back shares of Saul, and his name shall be made in the name of the last mark.The company is now called the Martini & amp; Rossi.

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