How to use a catheter Petstsera and subclavian catheter?

In some cases, medicine, there is a need to use catheters - special tubes that are introduced into the cavity organs.Catheters are used to drain the contents of the body cavity wash as necessary, for introduction into the cavity of the drug.Catheters come in different lengths and are made of different materials.There are catheters, rubber, metal, plastic.The thickness of the hole (diameter) ranged on Charriere - have thirty sizes (numbers) which differ from each other by a third of a millimeter.When using the catheter, it is important that they are clean and sterile inflammation caused in body cavities into which are introduced.For this, they are boiled for thirty minutes a day and stored under sterile sheet.

catheter insertion technique is not difficult, for example, soft catheters can enter and average staff.Before introduction into the cavity of the bladder catheter is lubricated with fatty material - petroleum jelly, ointment Vishnevsky.The introduction takes place slowly, gradually.At a meeting w

ith the sphincter, prevents the introduction, it is not necessary to press forward.It is necessary to wait for a relaxation of the sphincter and only then to lead him on.If catheterization is a man with BPH, the selected catheter with a bent nose.Catheterization metal tool to do a doctor, otherwise the incompetent administration of the catheter can compromise the integrity of the bladder and enter it on the wrong way, which is absolutely unacceptable.

most commonly used catheters in urology, to ensure the flow of urine.For this purpose, the catheter Petstsera - one of the most popular on the extent of its use in medical practice.It is made of rubber and has an extension at the end and two holes.Catheter is quite simple - a probe is inserted into the channel so that the catheter is pulled on its end, then there is the introduction into the cavity, whereupon the probe is removed and the catheter is straightened themselves.Optimally, enter the catheter Petstsera six centimeters, that the tip is at a sufficient distance from the walls of the bladder and urethra by.If the catheter is inserted too deeply, the end abuts the top of the bladder and urinary revenue will not.If the catheter is inserted is not deep enough, it can cause undesired reflection of the bladder.Petstsera catheter is usually used prior to delivery in order to empty the bladder mothers.Otherwise, a full bladder will prevent the child normally pass through the birth canal.Petstsera catheter is removed by pushing on the wall of the urethra through the vagina.If necessary, a permanent catheter placement in women Petstsera catheter is placed into the hole above the pubis and is expelled.

If catheter mocheotvedeniya installed permanently, then there is a risk of clogging the small holes salts.In addition, when removing it from the stoma can rip cap.

Other problems can occur if used subclavian catheter.Usually it is introduced into the subclavian vein for quick resuscitation and intensive care.Subclavian catheter may cause complications such as embolism (introduction of air), occlusion thrombus development suppurative inflammatory process at the site of catheterization.In order to avoid this, the careful care of tools.Subclavian catheter every five hours to be washed disinfectant solution, and regardless of whether play of the catheter to introduce drugs, etc.Disinfects the need and the skin around the catheter, and at its adhesive bonding under the catheter to put bactericidal tape.Only in the case of competent care medical instruments can avoid complications during catheterization.