Socialization of the person: stages of life

Under the process of socialization of personality psychologists understand the assimilation and understanding of human social experience, conventional morality, rules of behavior, cultural and domestic traditions.In addition, each individual makes his soul-searching, accepting or rejecting certain offer or impose the norms of society.It is in the process of this selection is the process of formation and self-identity.

his "place in the sun" is looking for people from birth, going through the primary process of social adaptation, first in his own family, then in child care and school.

For the initial phase is characterized by an uncritical attitude of the individual to generally accepted standards.Child and Adolescent increasingly tend to emulate the team, to adapt.And if the kid kindergarten age pattern of behavior takes his family, primary school children are already more focused on the team.He seeks not differ from their peers by their appearance.The standard for him are his friends, classmates.From them, the child adopts the manners, style of dress, and even hobbies and interests.

By the age of seven a child begins to realize that parents are not the only role model.And for nine years, and all the children acquire a critical look at things.Moms and dads are no longer the unquestioned authority for them.However, respect for the experience of an adult in a child is still so very important that at this time next to him turned out to be a good teacher or a coach.

In a child's mind is influenced by various external factors.It is the media (radio, TV, internet), parents and teachers.But the socialization of adolescents is inconceivable without communication with peers.Moreover, girlfriend and friends at a certain stage of life are beginning to play an even greater role than the mom and dad.But this does not mean that parents should zealously protect adolescents from such communication, grossly interfere in his personal life.
This behavior prevents the development of adult identity of the child, the formation in it of responsibility for their own behavior and actions.

Socialization of the person - is the search for their place in society, for the student in the role of such a society are the classmates, parents and teachers.It is in the process of interaction with them, the child hones essential skills, acceptance of established norms of behavior, traditions.At this stage it is difficult to do without conflict, but the search for effective solutions to overcome them has a significant influence on the formation of the whole person.

Later socialization of the individual is at the stage of individualization, which is characterized by human desire to be different from the others, standing out from the crowd.During this period the young person already have some life experience on which they overestimate the critical moral - moral norms accepted in society.According to psychologists, that at the age of 18 to 25 years there is a development of stable personality traits, the formation of outlook.

Socialization of the person is successful if the people in the process of productive interaction with the public, while preserving its own uniqueness.

Stage individualization moves into a phase of integration, in which the individual seeks to take its place in society, which either accepts or rejects it.In the latter case, there are two variants of behavior: the individual retains its otherness, coming into conflict with society, or, on the contrary, trying to adapt by resorting to compromise and conformism.

can say that the socialization of the individual - is a process that lasts a lifetime.The man not only takes on a new experience, but also enriching it in the process of labor and social activities.In the event that personal qualities and creative potential of the individual is completely representative demanded by society, we can say that the socialization of the individual is successful.