When it is possible to do a pregnancy test

Few people know that when you can do a pregnancy test, and it's too bad, because no knowledge of these things leads to incorrect results.

Honestly, we, unlike our grandmothers and mothers have an excellent opportunity to learn about pregnancy in early pregnancy.Previously, women learned about the pregnancy after the primary signs of pregnancy, and sometimes the first clear signs of pregnancy can occur only after 2 - 3 months after conception.However, as the practice of using pregnancy tests, not only to buy the test, we must also know some of the features of its proper use, otherwise the results will not be believable.

Let's first see what is it about these tests and why they are able to detect pregnancy in the early ways.Pregnancy test is designed so that it could respond to the level of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, in other words the level of hCG in urine.This is the hormone starts being produced after the fertilized egg in the uterus would be.And, as a rule, it happens after 9-10 day

s after conception the baby.So, when you can do a pregnancy test?

Let's count, for example, take the menstrual cycle of 28 full days, starting from this cycle, the date of ovulation will be in 14 days.Thus, it appears that the earliest a pregnancy test can be done for 2-3 days before your expected menstruation, but it is considering high sensitivity pregnancy test.

You may ask, how do you know about what the test has a great sensitivity, everything is very simple.In most cases, more than a pregnancy test, the greater the sensitivity to the level of hCG and, therefore, on the contrary.However, the important thing is not to confuse the numbers, test with a sensitivity of 20 is able to show more consistent results in early pregnancy than say a pregnancy test with a sensitivity of 25, that is, the lower the number specified in the test, the more chances to obtain reliable results and to establish a pregnancy in the earlyterms.

Next equally important issue is that when it is possible to do a pregnancy test, namely, what time of day.Doctors say that the most accurate results shows the first morning urine, because it hCG concentration reaches its maximum (HCG for weeks).At high pregnancy test can be performed at any time of the day, as the level of the hormone already large enough.

Often it happens that, in spite of compliance with all the rules and instructions for the use of the test result is questionable.For example, there is a barely noticeable second strip, the most common cause is poor-quality test, and in this case it is necessary to repeat the procedure on the other tests.But sometimes barely noticeable strip may indicate early pregnancy, and if so, in 4-5 days, the bar will become more visible and with time it will continue to increase the brightness.

In order to avoid situations misconceptions about pregnancy should remember the following rules:

If a woman lives sexual life, pregnancy can occur at any time, and even some contraceptives sometimes gives failure.

Some women manage to get pregnant, even during a single intercourse during menstruation.

delay menstruation does not always mean 100% pregnancy, this is sometimes the cause of ovarian dysfunction.

Always read the instructions on the use of pregnancy tests, some manufacturers test may differ contents.Always act strictly according to instructions in the package.After you do the test, again read the instructions carefully and remember everything you do right, you can not overdo the test and the results should be checked no later than the deadline specified in the instructions.

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