The appearance of UFOs in the distant and recent past,

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UFO began to appear at all in the twentieth century.History knows a lot of records, where the unknown flying objects are described in the same way as modern UFO reports.Do you want to make?

very first mention of a UFO found in an Egyptian papyrus from the collection of Professor A. Tully, the former director of the Egyptian department of the Vatican museum.It is assumed that the papyrus - is part of the annals of Thutmose III (XV century BC).

"In the year 22, the third month of winter, in the sixth hour of the day scribes House of life seen in the sky moving circle of fire ... He was without a head, but his breath was disgusting. One kind has long been his body, and one kind of breadth,and it was silent. And the hearts of the scribes were horrified and embarrassed, and they fell on their faces ... They reported to Pharaoh. His Majesty ordered ... question ... and he wondered what had happened ... and it was all recorded in papyri House of Life. Now after a few stumps these objects in the sky have become numerous. They shone brighter than the sun and stretched to the limits of the sky. Mighty were the fiery circles. And Pharaoh with the army looked on them. By the evening of the fire circles ascended higher and moved towards the south.From the sky fell volatile substance. This did not happen from the very foundations of the earth. And Pharaoh burn incense to the gods ... and ordered to bring the incident to the annals of the House of Life ... "

Now papyrus lost, according to some experts, its authenticity is questionable.

According to the Roman historian Plutarch in 73 BCthe troops of the Roman general Lucullus and bosporsnogo king Migridata have been together for a battle near the Dardanelles, ready to join the battle, "... when suddenly, quite suddenly, the sky opened up, and show more fiery body that carried down into the gap between the two ratyami; at the likenesses of itmost like a barrel, and the color in the molten silver. Enemies sign terrified, broke up without a fight. "

Chinese scholar XI century.BCShen Kua, wrote about the unexpected appearance of the "celestial pearl" near the city of Yangzhou (today Jiangsu Province, north-east of Shanghai): "My friend watched her near Lake Shin Kai. One night, he suddenly saw the" pearl "near you. At first, sheslightly opened and the light coming out of it - as if the wound golden thread. Soon she suddenly opened its shell completely. Shell size reaches half a round banquet table. Pearl also has the size of a fist. The bright lights are not allowed to look straight at her. Beforedistance of ten or more if (that is, more than two kilometers) of all the trees and bushes were covered as if the sun was rising. Suddenly ... "pearl" flew some distance ...

morning of April 14, 1561 residents of Nuremberg sawmany sky blue, black and red balls, disks, and two huge cylinder. These two bodies are moved, "fighting each other" within an hour, and then they all fell to the ground in flames and smoke.

In 1759 over Carlsbad (now Karpov Vary, Czech Republic) "indicated by the double circle with a striped surface. He stood motionless in the sky, and from there they beat two fiery tongue wide board, the cost of distance of about a hundred paces."

One of the most interesting and informative observations of unusual atmospheric phenomena in the XIX century.It was made November 17, 1882 by astrophysicists J. W. and J. Maunder. R. Capron.Observing the aurora in the Greenwich Observatory, in the north-east they saw a green glowing disk, gently moving across the sky.As we approach the form he changed - he lengthened gradually becoming elongated ellipse or cigar.Turning to the western part of the sky, "the object" began to move away and soon disappeared from sight.All event took less than 2 minutes.After processing data from various observations, the researchers came to the conclusion that the object was moving at an altitude of about 200 km at a speed of 16 km / h.Its length is about 110 km and the - 16 km.

whole "wave" of reports of UFO sightings over the United States came in the winter of 1896-1897 years.Witnesses, as if by agreement, described the cigar-shaped, by type of metal machine with wings, propeller, keel and other similar items.In the view of witnesses, it was a sort of all-metal airship.The unit allegedly was carrying powerful spotlights, and its speed reached 150 miles (or 240 kilometers) per hour (as determined by a railway engineer, comparing the speed of the "airship" with the speed of a train).
Not without its "contacts" with the pilots of the airship.The last, in most cases were quite earthly men: asked to provide them with water and victuals.

In 1912, reports of strange flying machines over the territory of the Russian Empire and England caused a significant response in the military and diplomatic circles.This is understandable: the first world war was just around the corner, and it could easily go on a reconnaissance mission aircraft and airships next opponent.The Germans protested, saying that such an expedition technically impossible and practically meaningless, but reports continued to arrive, and they again mentioned "powerful spotlights", night flying, high altitude and speed, aircraft are not available at the time.

August 5, 1927 at 9:00.30 min.participants of the Central Asian expedition led by prominent Russian artist NK Roerich and located in the Himalayas, near Lake Qinghai, "saw in the direction from north to south is moving something big and shining in the sun, like a huge oval. Flying over ourcamp, the subject changed direction of movement from the south to the south-west. And we saw how it disappeared in a bright blue sky. We even managed to take the binoculars and saw quite clearly brilliant oval body, one side of which sparkled in the sun. "

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