How to charge the car battery correctly?

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Our car - this is not just a means in which we move from one point to another.For many car - is a matter of pride, status indicator, the ability to loudly declare itself or a way to entertain his male / female vanity.Tuning, airbrush, sound and video on the verge of science fiction, forced induction engine, co-current, spoilers and a bunch of other "widgets" - all this is a way of life for a certain category of fans.

there in the car detail, without which any engineering marvel worth hundreds of thousands of pieces of evergreen turns into a pile of beautiful but utterly useless junk.We are talking about the car battery.It can safely be called the most important part of the car.This quiet and unobtrusive worker is the alpha and omega in the life of our iron friend.And let him our tenderness and affection are left - this does not make it less important.Proper use and timely care of the car battery (exception - maintenance-free batteries) are the best guarantee of our joyful and serene driver's biography.

What symptoms may indicate problems with the battery of your car?

  1. signals a problem with the battery on the instrument panel.
  2. problems starting the engine.
  3. lack of charging during operation (does not take a charge).
  4. very quick discharge of the battery.

Bede some motorists is the "Russian maybe" on which they rely for commissioning and operation of a new battery available.This is not correct.So, let's look at how to charge a car battery.

If your vehicle model is used unattended battery - the output is obvious.It is necessary to purchase and install a new one.The question arises: how to charge the car battery if it had just come out of the store and is maintenance-free?The new maintenance-free battery charging experts recommend in terms of professional car service.So the most reliable.

If you do not maintain the battery runs - do not just take the time to shop for a new device.It is necessary to conduct a series of "resuscitation" to bring back to life the heart of your electric vehicle.For the procedure, you will need resuscitation electrolyte, distilled water, a hydrometer (a device for measuring the density of the electrolyte) and battery charger.

Before we consider how to charge a car battery, a few words I want to say about memory (charger).Charger (the people it is called the "eliminator") best to buy a factory type and save on this is not necessary - improvised devices low price is not the best argument.Especially when at stake is the "health and longevity" of your new battery not cheap.

When buying a "rectifier" pay attention to the voltage with which it works.It is desirable that it was 12 volts, which can be increased up to 16 volts (to charge maintenance-free batteries).

How to charge the car battery:

  1. Check the electrolyte level in each bank, if necessary - add the electrolyte to the proper level.The electrolyte is desirable to purchase specialized in the automobile, it is useful to the certificate of quality, which will show the seller.
  2. Open plugs are available on all battery banks.
  3. Connect the charger to the battery terminals.
  4. Connect the charger to the network.
  5. Set the correct charging current value: it must be a value equal to 10% of battery capacity (with battery capacity of 55 amps / hour - current on the battery charger must be 5.5 amps).
  6. On the right scale indicates the charging process on the battery charger, which tends to approach zero.
  7. At the end of the charging voltage and the need to check the electrolyte density.Measurements should be done in each bank.If necessary - add to the banks to the correct level with distilled water.
  8. Each bank fully charged battery should show a voltage of 1.7 -1.8 volts.Voltage can be checked using the load fork.

Getting started: How to charge the car battery for the first time

Charging the battery serviced by the new looks a little different than the above procedure is charging.A new battery usually is dry-charged.For the start of its operation must first fill the electrolyte to the banks, and only after a couple of hours to start the charging procedure.

Further actions are similar to those described in the rules of charging.Now you have an idea of ​​how to charge the car battery.