How to paint the car?

When you have your private vehicle - is not only convenient, but also more promising, especially for business people.But the car to best suit the image of its owner - it must always keep in perfect shape.And what if the car has lost its prestige and apparently does not look very impressive?Just enough to give it a new look with the help of the gun and car paint.Many people think that well be able to paint the car only in a prestigious showroom, where there is a professional for this device.This is a great misconception.Especially because in the cabin cost, this procedure will be several times more expensive than an independent painting.On the topic of "How to paint the car?"there are many articles on the Internet, however, we are ready to offer you the easiest way to update the car.

What is needed

If you are wondering about how to paint the car, start with the preparation of the necessary attributes.First of all, if you do not have to buy before, now is the time to buy a gun with dyuzoy 1.3 - 1.5, it is desirable that he was of good quality, it is far more pleasant to work with high-quality tools.In such a case, before buying is best to consult with an experienced painter, and even better (if that painter - your good friend) to take into use his professional airbrush.With professional technicians and work is progressing faster and qualitative results, but it is usually expensive, so take temporary use - the most appropriate and cost-effective option.

putty and primer used before painting - integral part of the process, it will tell you, anyone who knows how to paint a car.

also need a special car paint, the amount individually for each car and for each painter, so in this situation, if you can not resolve the matter on their own, it is best to consult with a specialist.Question on the selection of individual colors of your car is also better to solve a professional painter.In any case, advice on matters of interest will be much cheaper than a professional painting.

Next varnish needs to be used immediately after application, it is better to take the LS or MS.It is necessary to have your car looked much newer and more presentable.

then maybe will not do without polishing.If possible, it is better to buy a special polisher.But you can cope without it.At one time it makes no sense to buy.Then it will be enough abrasives R1200 - P1500 and P2000 - R2500 to remove the defects which may occur during the painting and use the screwdriver and the foam polishing pad, a paste for polishing and you can start the procedure.

Also, do not forget to buy a special masking tape of 3 m. It is the most efficient among their own kind, because it is better holds masking paper.Incidentally, it is also necessary to protect the surfaces that do not need to be painted.Instead, you can buy a disposable nylon protective film, but in any case, do not use paper or scotch.Himself more will come!

How to paint the car?Preparation of the workplace and working clothes

First of all you need to thoroughly wash and dry the car and remove all locks, moldings and seals.Then you need to prepare it - pasted the parts that do not need to be painted (windows, lights, wheels).Next you need to clean sweep and wash the garage, which will be painted.It is necessary that the dust particles are not settled on the wet surface of the car, then all work will come to nothing, but a smooth shiny surface of a car will be forgotten.

How to paint the car?Getting Started

When the surface of the vehicle tipped, ground, filled, degreased - you can begin to paint.Better to start from the top, then the hood, trunk and sides.With the gun at a pressure of 3-4 atmosphere are applied one after the other several layers of ink at intervals of 15 minutes.I think the three layers will be enough for even and saturated colors, but it is better to consider everything in place, and if all the same color seems dull, you can not apply one layer in addition.When the car is dry - Apply paint in several approaches intervals.After all it is necessary to give the machine to dry, and then you can drive out into the sun to speed up the drying process.When everything is dry - you can accurately fix all the flaws, because any speck, for some new, take, and stick to your work of art.To fix this perfectly and without visible signs of damage - it is better to consult or to call for help painter specialist.After all, you can relax and enjoy his work.

Now you know how to paint a car, and therefore can safely proceed to the renewal of their own cars.