How to choose winter tires.

In the autumn, many motorists are wondering "How to choose winter tires?", But not everyone is in a hurry to replace summer tires, which is why the risk of accidents increases.

need to change summer tires occurs in the middle of November.Most of the motorists are well aware of this, except in people who have sat down for the first time behind the wheel, or taxi drivers.It is worth recalling that the accident, which occurred as a result of loss of control due to not tire superseded shall not be considered the cause of the accident and, of course, will not be considered as an aggravating circumstance.

Today the market of winter tires is huge, so how to choose winter tires, knows not everyone.But everyone wants to choose a to which there will be no complaints.The first step is to decide on the conditions under which it will operate.Will the car to leave the city, or only planned to ride through the city.If you travel out of town - a rarity, it is quite suitable conventional winter tires without studs,

but if you often deal with sleet or slush, the spikes are essential.

Often motorists are afraid that the studded tire has greater stopping distances when driving on asphalt, but the presence of modern technology almost completely eliminates this unpleasant effect.There are many different options of spikes but they all have greater effectiveness only on ice or at a temperature above minus fifteen degrees.In those cases, frosts when more preferable to use non-studded tires.

If before choosing winter tires, view all the tests conducted by the manufacturing companies, as well as a variety of print media, it is possible to understand that the ideal tire does not happen, and should still choose something that fits exactlyyou.At the moment, the best winter tires are considered "Nokian Hakapelita."If you look at the factory test, they all seem to be ideal.But in real situations all a bit different, because the full potential of modern tires in excess appears only in conditions of strong frosts.In the context of slushy weather all the advantages of a miracle tire evaporate.They are soft, hard to react to the steering wheel and gas and rubber itself significantly eaten in conditions of such exploitation.For such weather conditions are most suitable tires "Goodyear ultragrip," although they are quite useless when severe frosts.

to the question of how to choose winter tires, has disappeared, you should follow a few simple tips.The first thing you need to decide which tire sizes you need, because most manufacturers produce a limited number of sizes, and the correct size can not simply be due to the fact that they do not produce.Most manufacturers recommend a few different sizes.In the winter better than "shoe" a narrower tire, which has a higher profile.If you have the opportunity, together with rubber wheels and change, it is recommended to put the wheels of smaller diameter and the diameter of the wheel offset by tire size.

Select winter tires is quite difficult, because the tires are more capricious.Choosing studded tires must be for some time to forget the aggressive driving style and do not exceed the speed.Until such time as the tires do not run over 200-500 kilometers, need to touch gently and slow down as well.Should be deleted and sharp turns, and speed reduced to 70-80 kilometers per hour.When new tires are run-in, you can go back to his usual style of driving.

And the question "What kind of winter tires to choose?" Can be solved by reading the extensive list of possible acquisitions and examine the results of a number of tests.