How to open car without a key.

Sometimes in life happens to motorists such a situation, when you have to look for a way to open the car without a key.Well, if the loss of keys or damage to the lock owner discovered near his home or garage - in this case it is possible with the help of an electric lock that simply drill.And if to his home far away, you'll have to solve the problem using the available tools.

most important thing - do not start to get nervous.Calm down and take a closer look around.Look for a piece of stiff wire or thin knitting needles or electrode welding.If you find an electrode, then before you start to work with it, you must remove the insulation to expose the wires.If any of the above found that half of the way to solve the problem, how to open the car without a key, consider that have already passed.

Approach the door to the driver's side and gently pull out the two or three hundred millimeters seal glass, which is located above the handle of the door (usually the length is sufficient).If the seal can not be

removed, it will have to pry a flat thin otvertochkoy, and if one is not at hand, then a piece of wire.Bend the piece of wire such that both ends formed at an angle of ninety degrees, one of the parts must be at least ten to twenty millimeters.So you get a kind of impromptu hook.Universal key ready.

How now to help her open the car without a key?

Take bent so that the wire and insert it in the recess obtained after the glass sealant gap hook down.But long part should be positioned so that it is substantially parallel to the chip castle.At this end of the hook to be located parallel gap and pointing in the direction of the rear doors.The wire slowly and carefully goes down until until it stops, leaning into the lock.Now you need while continuing to hold the wire as deep as possible, gradually push it approximately thirty millimeters to the left.Then, as carefully and accurately you need to lower her down, too, about thirty millimeters.After this it is necessary to move the wire back approximately the same distance, but on the right side.Now we can try to hook your hook-picking the lock mechanism itself.Pull the wire up, and the problem of how to open car without a key, almost solved - the lock to be opened.Just do not forget at the end of the process to return to his seat seal glass.

It goes without saying that the data in this paper dimensions are only approximate and may not be suitable for all models of vehicles.Linear improvised master key parameters specific to your vehicle may differ from those offered by us in greater or smaller side.So just in case, to know how to open the car without a key (your particular), at your leisure you must practice a couple of times, so that if the need arises, do it quickly, accurately and without much hassle.But we must remember that the one wire, you are going to use in order to open the car, must be sufficiently strong and be able to withstand a force of seven kilograms.Failure to comply with these conditions in the process of opening the lock hook made of it, can simply straighten up, then everything will have to start from the beginning.

Not knowing what can happen on the road with you at any time you need to have all possible skills, including know how to open the car without a key.