Tasty and adults and children: Kazakh baursaks

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By baking the majority of people in our country usually means pies, cakes, pastries and bread.Somehow donuts in the traditional sense is not very accustomed own country.Meanwhile, donuts, which were invented by the Poles and subsequently has spread around the world, have their counterparts in the kitchen most of the world.Among these relatives - baursaks Kazakh, without which no cost, no everyday event in this nation.Of course, they are often present in the daily menu, but it is an ornament of any (especially a wedding) celebrations, and Uzbeks, kitchen which also has its own version of baursaks, used in all rituals.

What are baursaks

First of all, tell about how, in the eastern and Tatar traditions should look supply of these unique donuts.They endured on a separate plate, folded slide, and are an important part of the celebrations.So, at the wedding of the Tatar pastries served as a gift from their parents.Baursaks Kazakh, along with all sorts of sweets and coins were used for sprinkling a young family.And so to the Uzbeks pastries and all were almost mystical attitude.

What is the basis?

Since baursaks (Kazakh or they belong to a different eastern ethnic food - not so important) - a multifunctional dish, and used "under the soup," and as a dessert, the pastry to make it different.The most commonly used yeast or leaven, but not rare, and cottage cheese.The most common variant, when baursak consists only of the test.But it kind of sweet, in a concession to the children, can be made with stuffing.She usually the fruit (fresh or dried, but soaked);our contemporaries can fill with baursaks Kazakh, whose recipe was kept from time immemorial, unusual for this country, candied fruit.

Species Eastern donuts

Even the inhabitants of our country who have heard this name and some idea of ​​what is hidden underneath, usually do not know that baursaks Kazakh are different species.Accordingly, they did not prepare the same way.In principle, they can be divided into three groups.So, what we appreciate Kazakh cuisine?

baursaks fresh, most tolerant

Such products fit and as their daily meals instead of bread to any meal.These donuts are called "Chi baursak."They do from unleavened dough, for which it takes 2 cups (in the original recipe - two bowls, but the volume measuring tanks similar) flour, half a teaspoon of baking soda, 5 eggs (which is not typical for other recipes unleavened dough), a glass of milk or waterand a teaspoon of (possible) salt.If you want to know how to cook baursaks Kazakh, forget about oil.They should only be fried in fat.The dough is rolled out ingeniously, cut strips and fry.In the cauldron-type pan fries or "wog".

yeast donuts

Basically this test is used for the preparation of sweet varieties of discharge baursaks Kazakh.Ingredients for the dough: 3 cups (will stick to the "native" terminology) flour, 1 - water, a teaspoon of salt on the table - the yeast and sugar.The difference from the usual dough is 150 grams of fat, and of sheep.The product of such products will be called kespe baursak.From components kneaded soft dough is rolled out, cut into strips that are wrapped as it is necessary.In the original - flagella, but interesting - various squiggles.And at the end of the tips are connected.Fry them, as in the first embodiment, a large quantity of oil and then powdered sugar.

Cheese delights

Finally prepare dessert that Kazakhs called "Domalak baursak."For him, it is necessary to take 2 cups of cottage cheese and one piala flour, sour cream and powdered sugar.Plus 3 eggs, a large spoonful of sugar and two tablespoons of butter, another teaspoon of salt.

Preparation in this case is much more complicated than in the previous recipe.Cottage cheese is mandatory should be wiped.Then add the rest (other than powder);do not forget before this melt the butter.Vymeshennoe dough is divided into flagella, cut into pieces and boil until elastic.Water is allowed to drain, crumble the workpiece in flour and fried in the same grease in the deep cauldron.Offers guests with sour cream and powdered sugar.


donut dough, in principle, the same yeast.Only the basis of a yogurt, which should be 0.5 liters;only one egg is laid;still need a teaspoon of salt and soda, two tablespoons of sugar and vegetable oil.Yeast (if dry), you need a little bit - enough teaspoon and flour - how many will.

Of all the ingredients and prepare the dough, as usual, put an hour in the heat.Then it is cut into bundles (sausages), cut into pieces and put on 15 minutes to lift.Traditionally fry baursaks Kazakh (kefir or on any other basis) have yet to mutton fat, but our contemporaries have perfected the recipe.They are advised to use vegetable oil and cooking oil in equal proportions.They say that while the donuts are not so fat, and softness keep a couple of days after baking.

However, the principle remains the frying.No cauldron - take a deep pan.Fat oil is well warmed up.When the mixture is practically boiling, throw in a container pieces of dough and roll over constantly.

Children can pre-roll in a donut dried fruit, a slice of marmalade or candied fruit, and sprinkle the powder on top of a treat.But even without such additions rebyatnya willingly eats the product, dipping it in honey or jam.