White Planaria: appearance and structure

Every aquarist faced with unwelcome guests in your aquarium.
Among them may be white planar.She drifts into the aquarium, as a rule, snails, aquatic plants, as well as live or frozen foods.

White Planaria - a worm-hermaphrodite.Fully viable planarian derived from eggs laid.These live on the ground in its thicker on aquatic plants or in the water column.It is worth noting how tenacious white planar.The structure of it is that if an adult cut into many pieces, then, no matter how parazitelno, but each piece may recover a body.

Appearance white planarian quite unordinary and easily distinguishable from other species.In planarian no respiratory system.Enrichment of oxygen made it across the surface, and it is able to protect the skin secrete bitter mucus.Its egg is not only resistant to freezing and to high temperatures.They withstand drought and is not afraid of chemical treatment.
Appearance white planarian is extremely bad, but other than that, it causes tremendous harm.If you leave it unattended in the aquarium, then soon it diminished the number of snails, crustaceans and even aquarium fish.Nimble worms crawl in search of food under Carax crustaceans and clog their gills, leading to suffocation.They love food, rich in protein, so their favorite delicacy - the eggs crustaceans and shellfish themselves at the time of moulting.Often planarian attack snails and fish.

White Planaria, the structure of the body

Mouth is located on the belly and leads into the cavity where the retractable sip.When gripping the animal food sip as the trunk, to extend it.It has its own musculature and innervation own.If you tear it, then sip on their own motion, and will continue to squirm.Next the food enters the intestine, which consists of 3 branches with multiple divisions.

White Planaria - a flat ciliated whitish-pink worms with a triangular shaped head.Dairy Planaria can reach a length of 15-26 mm with a diameter of about 6 mm.Its head end has a blunt cut and the rear - rounded.Just beyond the front edge of the body are black eyes.Under its base is prisasyvatelnaya groove.Dairy Planaria, like other species, hides under rocks or leaves.

Planaria are predators.They have a highly developed sense of smell.Planaria, scenting prey, pushing the throat, heading straight for her.However, they can withstand a prolonged hunger strike, while losing weight and smaller in size.

planarian eggs are in a dense shell of.As a rule, they are stored in the most safe and secure places.Each clutch has hundreds of egg yolk and dozens of cells.First designed to provide power to the embryo during development.

planarian is remarkable response to adverse conditions, such as lack of oxygen, the temperature increase in the environment, and so on. N. White Planaria in such cases can break into pieces that are regenerated in the time of the favorable conditions in whole animals.This process autotomy or self-mutilation.Many forms able to divide into pieces even under standard conditions.This may be seen as a special form of reproduction.No less remarkable ability to restore lost planarian body parts - regeneration.Even the smallest part of her body has the ability to the full restoration of the whole organism with all the necessary authorities.This feature ensures the preservation of its life.For other safety devices planarian include skin cancer, which allow individuals firmly attached to the surface, where it crawls.

destroy this parasite in the aquarium is quite difficult, but still possible.