March 8 and its analogs

International Women's Day is celebrated not only in Russia.However, the gist of it is varied - from the worship of women to fight for their civil and social rights.

According to VTsIOM for the majority of Russians (regardless of gender, age and occupation) on March 8, especially women's holiday.So we designated this day 66% of the respondents.According to 18%, March 8 - a holiday beginning of spring, 8% regard it as an extra day off, and 4% for this date is not anything special and the holiday is not.

International Women's Day is celebrated not only in Russia.However, the gist of it is varied - from the worship of women to fight for their civil and social rights.March 8 is a festive holiday in some of the former republics of the Soviet Union (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Belarus as the International Women's Day, in Uzbekistan as a Mother's Day, and in Armenia it is celebrated on April 7 as the DayMaternity and Beauty.), as well as in China, Macedonia, Mongolia, Nepal, North Korea and some African countries.

true analog of our Eighth of March is regarded as Mother's Day, which is celebrated in different countries different time.In Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Turkey, Finland, the USA, Japan, mothers day, celebrate the second Sunday of May.In the UK - the fourth Sunday of Lent, in India in early October.Incidentally, in India the fair sex as much as ten days devoted to the celebration.It called this decade Durga Puja festival - in honor desyatirukoy mother goddess Durga.

In Spain and Portugal, December 8 was a holiday in honor of the Mother of God and of all mothers.In France and Sweden congratulated mothers on the last Sunday of May.It is interesting that shortly before the Swedish Red Cross Day starts selling plastic flowers.This helps businesses raise money to provide a small paid leave for mothers of large families.But in France, the first Sunday of March every year and celebrated the feast of grandmothers.On this day, all women over 55 years is an extraordinary honor and respect.For example, they are allowed in Disneyland Paris at a discounted price.True feel comfortable whether French-old woman on children's carousels - the big question.

ORIGINALITY Mother's Day is celebrated perhaps in Serbia: it is celebrated two weeks before Christmas, and most comfortable with yourself in the holiday feel the children, not the mistress of the holiday.On this day, kids early morning stalking the sleeping mother and bind her hands and feet.Then little Serbs demand from captive redemption.Mothers, portraying utter surprise, we have to "pay off" from the children gifts, the evening hid under a pillow.What happens to mothers who forgot to buy gifts, or just not pleased especially harmful kids, imagine scary.

In Japan, for example, March 3, the Day of the girls.Besides the fact that it is dedicated to only the smallest representatives of the weaker sex, girly holiday in the country are not alone.15 November each year held another celebration - City-Go-San.The truth criterion for selection of those who should greet autumn, has stricter: November 15 honoring the Japanese are not all babies, but only those who turned three and seven years.

this day the girls dressed up as dolls in bright kimonos, rosy cheeks they make vintage hair and lead to the Shinto shrine to pray for children bestow good health and well-being.This holiday is connected with the fact that the samurai families with girls three years of age were allowed to grow long hair, and a seven - to wear a kimono with a belt instead of lace.This ritual, called obi-currents ("change zones"), and it symbolizes the growing up, because on that day the girl for the first time in his life dressed as a woman.

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