Star of David.

Hexagonal Star of overlapping right triangles is best known under the name "Star of David".The value of this symbol, however, has changed several times before he got to the flag of the State of Israel.It is believed that the hexagram existed within the religious called "Tantrism", released at the beginning of our era in Nepal, India and Tibet.According to him this element meant the harmony of the world of matter, which represented the upper triangle with the spiritual world (bottom triangle).It is also a common opinion about the interpretation of the sign as a unity of masculine and feminine.

In the Middle East in ancient times also had a "Star of David".The value of the hexagram is linked with the symbols of the goddess Ishtar.The first signs of this configuration are located in different parts of the world (from Britain to Mesopotamia), and they were treated to a fairly distant time.For example, in the Iberian Peninsula ornaments such inclusions relate to the pre-Roman Iron Age period.What they meant the peoples living there, the scientists could not be established.Most likely, the hexagram used in urinating some religious and mystical rites.

hard to find a well-developed culture, which would not use symbols that looked like a star of David.The value of this sign in Christianity in the Middle Ages is difficult to determine.He simply used as an element of seals (the French kings in the 9-10 centuries), it was part of a pattern for the decoration of monuments.For example, today the Star of David can be seen in Valencia and Burgos Cathedral.Arab book of the same period were decorated with intricate script with this element.

What interpretation of Jewish culture has the Star of David?The value of the symbol is associated with a form of boards of war, who fought under the command of King David.There is also a version that this element is derived from the temple lamps, under each of which has a flower - a lily.When open its petals just form a regular hexagon.

Some historians relate the formation of the mark from time to time hiking Alroya David, who was about the liberation march to the Promised Land in the twelfth century.Somewhat later, in 1254, came the first flag with the hexagram on a red background, which Emperor Charles IV as a privilege granted to the Jewish community in Prague.

When the Jewish people officially became the national symbol of the Star of David?Its importance for the identification was determined in the 19th century the most emancipated community representatives.They found enough common sign of personifying the Jews, but Judaism, that it was important for forming a secular Zionism.In 1897, at the Congress in Basel symbol was adopted as the main sign of the Zionist movement.

Where state symbols present the Star of David?Photos, value, heraldic features are available for the flags of some cities or countries.The most famous, of course, is the flag of Israel.However, the same elements have the coat of arms of the German city Gerbstedt, the old flag of Nigeria, the unofficial flag of Northern Ireland, and the emblem of the Italian Somalia.Moreover, some of the characters in the fields by inexplicably, have the shape of a hexagram.