Can you give birth after cesarean section itself: the question to the experts

Childbirth is a natural termination of pregnancy.At the present time can be selected two tactics of this process.Natural childbirth occur more frequently.During their child passes through the cervix and vagina of women.However, under some circumstances, physicians may resort to caesarean section.After such manipulations often have complications and difficulties.Especially interesting is the question of women, whether it is possible to give birth after cesarean section itself.The answer is you can get out of this article.After reading you will find out whether it is possible to give birth after cesarean section itself.According to doctors, specialists and women's responses are described below.

Caesarean section

Before you figure out whether it is possible to give birth after cesarean section itself, it is worth saying a few words about the operation itself.This manipulation is performed in an emergency or can be planned.It is carried out under general anesthesia.Anesthesia may be general or epidural.

When the anesthetic takes effect, the doctor makes an incision in the lower region of the peritoneum in women.Gradually dissected abdominal muscle fibers, fabrics and wall genitals.Fruit carefully removed from the uterus, placenta is made.After this is done the toilet internal organs and layering suturing incisions.

Can you give birth after cesarean section itself?

One can not answer this question.In some cases, doctors are not only allowed, but also insist on a vaginal birth after such an operation.Also, there are cases in which gynecologists and surgeons do not recommend to act in similar ways.This second operation is carried out.To answer the question of whether it is possible to give birth after cesarean delivery itself, you need to carefully assess the condition of the woman and the fetus.Also plays an important role viability scar that remained after the first operation.Consider the main expert opinion about whether it is possible to give birth after cesarean section itself.

physically possible

Can you give birth after cesarean section itself in 1.5 years later?If you judge the physiological possibilities, then, of course, yes.A woman unable to survive on their own struggle and attempts.As a result, it is able to produce a child naturally.

worth noting that the experts are not always allowed to carry out this process.In some cases, previous caesarean section does not allow a woman to give birth to itself.Also, an expectant mother may be other contraindications to natural childbirth.

Regulation scar

Can you give birth after cesarean section itself?Testimonials say that manipulation can not be done in a natural way if a woman has a longitudinal location of the scar.

In most cases, surgeons during surgery abdominal wall is cut transverse manner.The area gets a little scar.A woman's body recovers quickly, and the walls of the uterus return to normal.When done longitudinal section, tripe get much more.At the same time there is the risk of overstretch and tear during the regular delivery.

time gap

Can you give birth after cesarean section itself in 7 years or later?Doctors strongly recommend to wait a period of time.Most likely, after 7 years or more after surgery, gynecologists insist on re-operation.It has a very simple explanation.

With the passage of time the female body is not getting younger.Fabrics wear and deteriorating health.In addition, the uterus is a muscular organ, which over the years as some not transformed for the better.Due to the age of the fairer sex are often carried out repeated cesarean section.

fetal weight

Can you give birth after cesarean section itself 10 years later?Much depends on the weight of the future baby.Define it with the ultrasound diagnosis.If the weight of the fetus is not more than three and a half kilos, the doctors do not oppose natural childbirth.However, there should be no other contraindications.

When a baby is pretty big and the fruit of not one, but several, then gynecologists do not recommend to give birth alone.This can lead to complications such as rupture of the uterus.Such pathology always requires surgical intervention.

Consistency scar

Can you give birth after cesarean section itself in 5 years?Experts say that it is possible, but only when the scar is recognized as wealthy.

During the whole period of pregnancy, doctors are closely monitoring this site.This is done with the help of ultrasound diagnosis.If during normal pregnancy recent ultrasound is performed at time of 32-34 weeks, the women with a history of caesarean section such inspection is carried out several times.The latest diagnosis is performed just before birth.If the thickness of the scar at the thinnest point is not more than two millimeters, then the natural delivery is possible.

previous pregnancy

Can you give birth after cesarean section itself in 4 years?Doctors do not recommend to carry out vaginal birth in the case had previously been abortion or curettage.This is assigned to elective Caesarean section.

The fact is that during any effect on the scraping carried a scar on the inner side of genital organ.This often leads to the fact that in this location uterus thinner and scar becomes untenable.Doctors simply do not want to risk that complications can occur during natural childbirth.

place placental

can give birth to itself after cesarean section or not, it depends on the place of attachment of the placenta.Doctors say that the localization of the scar chorionic vaginal birth is not recommended.However, this question can only go at the end of pregnancy.Why doctors in such cases it is advisable to carry out a second operation?

fact that the attachment of the placenta over the scar is likely the outcome when the child seat just grow into the damaged surface of the uterus.This leads to the need for surgical intervention, even after normal, natural childbirth.Also during labor may develop complications such as premature detachment of the placenta.This often leads to the need for the removal of genitals, and fetal death.

psychological side of the issue

Can a woman to give birth to itself after a previous cesarean?Experts say that many of the fairer sex can not cross the psychological barrier that has emerged from them after the previous operation.All due to the fact that women are just afraid of pain and contractions.They worry about what their sexual organs lose their elasticity.It is said that it all wrong.So women should as soon as possible to get advice and help of a psychologist.

The main objective of the fairer sex is procreation.Cesarean section - is an unnatural process that doctors are forced to carry out in an emergency.If a woman has no contraindications to natural childbirth, it is not necessary to be afraid of.


Can a woman give birth on their own after an operation such as a caesarean section?Much depends on the reason why has been held the previous manipulation.If it is carried out due to lack of cervical dilatation or due to breech, the next delivery is can pass naturally.

When the indications for surgery were due to ill-health, labor re-spend the same way.Often caesarean section is assigned to patients with poor eyesight, high blood pressure, in some diseases that kid can buy during passage through the birth canal, and so on.


You now know whether a woman can give birth to yourself after cesarean section.It is said that the natural process allows pregnant again in the future.When held two Caesarean section, doctors strongly recommend that more children.The fact is that in the area of ​​the uterus is formed not one, but two of the scar.Each of these areas can be thinned and disperse when the next child-bearing.

Natural birth after cesarean delivery are becoming increasingly popular.In Russia, about 30 women out of 100 after such an operation pass through them.In Europe, it has become more traditional forms of labor.It is worth noting that such an approach has a positive effect not only on women but also on the child.A child who has passed through the birth canal and got a stress hormone at this time, is more adapted to external conditions rather than "kesarenok."Pulmonary delivery to you!