Chicken with tangerines - gorgeous selection of recipes

Chicken with tangerines - a dish that you can prepare for any occasion.Believe me, it will be a real decoration of the table.Preparation of birds is not limited to only baking it in an oven, there are also salads.Is it possible to abandon completely amazing chicken with mandarin Chinese, because it just melts in your mouth!

recipe first

Now we will prepare a dish like chicken baked with tangerines.Chicken drumsticks cooked on the rings of mandarin, with aromatic rosemary and mandarin sauce out very juicy, tasty, spicy and very unusual.This method can be baked whole and sliced ​​into pieces of chicken or any part thereof, as well as a side dish is better to file mashed potatoes.

What you need to cook this dish?

Ingredients : 500 g of chicken drumsticks, 2-3 pcs.large mandarin (preferably choose a variety seedless, but if there are none, then carefully remove all) a little ginger (it should always be fresh, not pickled or dried), rosemary (in any form), 1 onion, salt, black pepper(ground), oliv

e oil, paprika, sugar or powdered sugar.

Chicken with tangerines: recipe

Onion peeled, cut into rings or half rings, lining them bottom of the form.Next, spread a layer of tangerines.They must wash and finely chop the rings.The most convenient way to do this with a knife with a blade teeth, then the juice runs out.Sprinkle with rosemary.Washed and dried chicken drumsticks put on mandarins.Previously they need to coat the mixture of paprika, salt and pepper.Slightly pour olive oil.

oven should be heated up to 200 ° C, and only then put the form in which the chicken with mandarin oranges.Bake about 25 minutes.

now ready to prepare the sauce.Mandarin peeled and thin films, using a blender puree makes of it.Spine ginger peeled, finely-finely chopped or Grate and mix with mandarin oranges.Adding to the mixture a little sugar and salt to taste.

When will the allotted time, we obtain the form of a shank and pour each one separately the sauce.Then we send it in the oven and wait for another 15 minutes.All!Our dish is ready.It served only hot.

second recipe: an interesting option cooking chicken

To cook a dish like a chicken with mandarin Chinese, we certainly need a bird.For this dish, you can take any part of it, even the breast will turn rosy and juicy.

What do I need?

Ingredients : 700 g chicken drumsticks (take immediately pitted to not remove it yourself), 4-5 pcs.tangerines, small carrots - 4 pcs., soy sprouts - 200 grams, ginger (finely grated root) - 5 g, a couple cloves of garlic, 1 tbsp.l.dark soy sauce, brown sugar 5 g, 30 g of brandy, 4 medium onions shallot, sunflower oil - 6 grams, half a teaspoon of paprika, salt and black pepper - at your discretion.Here's what you need to was prepared delicious chicken with mandarin oranges.Recipe for her this time a little harder.

Take carrots, tschatelko my, clean from the skin.It is very convenient to do it with a special knife.Then paste it into the pre-washed and salted chicken legs on the seat bones.In a special pan called "wok" is heated sunflower oil and fry for about three minutes and on all sides.This is done in order to fry them on top of them and less juice flowed.To them, as they say, it melted in the mouth.Spread on a plate and give cool.

next step

In parallel, prepare a mixture of all of the remaining ingredients.Carrots take out chicken leg collapses in the resulting mixture of spicy.

Now for tangerines and bean sprouts.To do this, we clean them from the skin, is divided into segments and carefully remove the thin skin.Chicken legs with stuffing spread in the pan, pour the soy sauce mixed with tangerine juice.Cover with lid and cook for just 15 minutes on medium heat.

last stage

After readiness chicken with mandarin oranges may be filed with carrots, which we took out of the legs, bean sprouts or any garnish of your choice.However, most emphasize the taste and aroma of crisp rice, because it is a traditional, classical Chinese side dish.Virtually none of the national dish is complete without it.And eat it on the first, second and third.Many joke that can and compote of him to do, but do not reveal the secret.

And have the last delicious dish.

Delicious salad This salad with mandarin oranges and chicken is perfect for New Year's table, and any other holiday.

Ingredients : chicken - about 400 grams, tangerines - 5 pcs., Peeled walnuts - 100 g, dark raisins - 50 g, onions - 1 medium head, melted butter - 50 g, a pinch of salt.

Chicken should be boiled until tender in lightly salted water.Tangerine peel and divide into segments.It is desirable to remove the film and remove the stones.Then cut into pieces, as well as chicken.This should be a very sharp knife, then remain juicy fruit, otherwise the juice will stay on the cutting board.Onions clean, pour over boiling water and finely chop.Raisins washed thoroughly with warm water and pour.

chicken with mandarin to get a perfect, nuts should be ground into small pieces, but in any case not in the flour.From squeezing the juice of one tangerine and mix with butter.Hot chicken cut into small pieces and mix with the remaining ingredients.In what order they are added - does not matter.Salad mix well and serve warm to oil with tangerine juice, not frozen.

Instead of conclusion

This salad can be regarded as a modern classic, because at present it is a win-win combination of like a chicken with nuts.But there is in it and zest, and both literally and figuratively.Juicy tangerines bring to this salad originality.Unusual bright light creamy sauce leaves aftertaste.Your guests will no doubt be ecstatic!