How to calculate the maternity in 2011

Since January of 2011 entered into force new rules for calculating maternity leave.As practice shows, this often is not beneficial for women.What women need to know to get the maternity in the most advantageous amount?If you have a salary in recent years has considerably decreased, for example, in connection with transition to light work, then new rules will be best for you.As for the calculation of maternity undertake payroll for the last two years of work and divided by 730 calendar days.So the average daily wage is calculated, which is then multiplied by the number of vacation days.

When normal birth is taken into account 140 days to pay.If the birth took place with complications or surgical intervention, the number of paid days increased to 156 days.At the birth of several children at the same time maternity leave is paid at a rate of 194 days.

company accountant knows how to calculate maternity leave, but he did not have to count its number of existing methods for the benefit of you.Therefore

it is necessary to write the application itself and indicate that the calculation was carried out in two ways, either by the old method.Only in this case, you get paid maternity more.And this is every woman need to know that no misunderstandings later.

Earning money is made after ten days from the submission of the application and provide all required documents.Accrue money at once for the entire period of maternity leave, it does not depend on the date of delivery.

Every woman is important to know that in the calculation of income for the last two years are taken into account only those charges, which are held with the social security contributions.If a woman has the last two years was in the leave to care for a child and had no earnings, it is important to know how to calculate maternity in its case.It needs to specify in a statement that the calculation was done for the previous two years of its operation, the previous release.

If a woman during this time to change jobs, it must submit a certificate from the previous work on average earnings.In the absence of help can make the appropriate request to the Pension Fund in order to calculate the maternity leave.Earning make subject to the minimum wage, and after obtaining a certificate from the pension fund to make a recalculation.

maternity unemployed women in 2011 will not be paid except those who have lost their jobs due to liquidation of the company, or studying for a fee or free of charge in an educational institution.They make payments from the federal budget.How to calculate the maternity in this case?To do this, take into account the minimum wage (4430 rubles) * 24 months. / 730 days.

laid-off employee from 2011 is entitled to a maternity within one month after the date of dismissal.

accountant should know that for the calculation of maternity for women who are on leave for child care is taken salary.

must be remembered that it is important to not only know how to calculate the maternity, but also to prevent errors.Always consider the maximum level of the average daily wage equal to 1136.99 rubles.If it turns out the calculations above, it is necessary to take only this amount as a basis.

And in conclusion, let us dwell on the previous calculations, how to calculate maternity.To do this, take into account all income over the past year, from which undertook social contributions and divided by the number of calendar days less vacation and sick leave.Premium income accounted for sure.

Know the rules for calculating maternity should be every woman and always remember that to receive payment for maternity leave can be for six months after the end of sick leave.