Buckwheat with meat multivarka "Polaris" - the quick and tasty dish!

Buckwheat with meat multivarka "Polaris" is prepared quickly and easily.Indeed, in this kitchen device has a special mode that allows you to quickly enough to make a delicious and hearty meal for the whole family.

Step by step recipe buckwheat with meat

To make a healthy dish, you need to purchase the following items:

  • pork or veal (take a piece of low-fat boneless) - 400 g;
  • buckwheat cleared of debris - 1 cup;
  • water, filtered, drinking - 2 cups;
  • white onion - 2 pcs .;
  • large fresh carrots - 1 pc .;
  • medium-sized iodized salt, pepper, ground allspice, bay leaves - to add taste and personal preferences;
  • sharp tomato sauce (you can use ketchup or adjika but smaller) - 3 large spoons;
  • vegetable refined oil - 35 ml (for roasting meat ingredient).

The processing of cereals

Buckwheat with meat multivarka "Polaris" will turn out delicious only if all the constituent components of food are pre handled properly.Cooking dinner presented should begin with the processing of cereals.This requires to take the necessary amount of buckwheat and carefully go through it, freeing from the existing collection.Next cereals should be placed in a sieve and rinse in warm water regularly shifting her hands.Thus buckwheat considered pure and suitable for boiling only after the liquid becomes as transparent as possible.

It is particularly noteworthy that some chefs prefer to cook a meal with a minimum of heat treatment.After all, the only way to save all the useful properties of the products used.To this end, the net cereal should be put in a deep bowl, and then fill it with filtered water and leave in this condition for 13-15 hours (can be longer).After this time, buckwheat much vzbuhnet not require prolonged decoction.If you decide to make a spontaneous dinner, then this procedure can be neglected.

Processing meat and vegetables

Buckwheat with meat multivarka "Polaris" is produced especially delicious and hearty with ingredients like pork.But you can cook the dinner, and with veal, lamb, beef or a bird.Thus, purchased a piece of lean meat should be well washed, to remove from it all inedible stems and film and then cut into medium-sized pieces.

also requires a separate clean fresh carrots and a large onion.They need to grate and chop with a knife, respectively.

process of roasting vegetables and pork

Buckwheat with meat multivarka "Polaris" is preparing stages.To get started in the kitchen gadget you want to pour the refined vegetable oil, slightly warmed in his mode of baking.Further, the capacity necessary to put the pieces of pork and fry them until reddish brown in the same program (approximately 17-22 minutes).After that, the meat is required to pour the grated carrots and white onions.Thoroughly mix all the ingredients to flavor should be medium-sized iodized salt, ground allspice and bay leaves.In this part of the products is necessary to prepare as usual about a quarter of an hour.As a result, you should get fried fragrant mass that will form the basis for future meals.

Heat treatment of all dishes

Buckwheat friable multivarka in "Polaris" is prepared in the same manner as the sticky mess.However, the differences in them still are.Indeed, in the first case, the rump must be added at least water, or rather, in a ratio of 1 to 2.

After zazharki meat with vegetables will be ready, it should be leveled with a spoon and place on top of the cleared buckwheat.Further, the device requires the cup gently pour drinking water, and if desired, add a component such as tomato sauce.It will give the dish is not only the sharpness and flavor, but also a nice color.After that all the ingredients should be lightly sprinkled with salt, close and put a special program "Buckwheat".And timer multivarka establish itself.You just have to wait for the audio signal, which informs that lunch is ready.

how to present the dish to the table?

Recipes for Multivarki "Polaris" is always distinguished by simplicity and ease of preparation.And presentation of the dish with buckwheat - is no exception.After crumbly porridge will be ready, it is necessary to mix until smooth, pre-seasoned butter (optional).Next buckwheat with meat should arrange on plates and serve the guests in the hot state.Also, this hearty and very tasty dish is recommended in addition to present wheat bread and fresh vegetable salad, flavored with sour cream or mayonnaise.Bon Appetit!