One Shot - Four Holes!

Can a hammer to hammer four nails at once.It turns out that you can!But only if you are a good carpenter and you know how to do it.And you can beat four times on one nail, bend it, but did not score, then on penyaya hammer, everyone has their own truth.
Sometimes there are days that no matter how much you did not labor, struggling out of the forces, the result is still disappointing, but there are days when even without any difficulty performing just one fifth of the normal amount, you get a perfect result at the output.Why do some whole life working up a sweat, while ensuring barely make ends meet, and the other with a minimum of effort getting the most pleasure?How to work less and earn more, how to become financially independent while still alive, what to do and how to achieve all this?
answer is known.Vilfredo Pareto, an economist and a sociologist at the end of the 19th century opened and made one good rule, which was subsequently called, and his name - the Pareto rule.20/80 principle, there is a

name, says that only 20% of ongoing efforts provide 80% of the results.The remaining 80% of the effort comes just at the very remaining 20%.In other words, much of the success - is the result of the correct choice of their actions.All the rest ... Think about the hammer and bent nail.
great law under which lives only 10% of the world's population, according to statistics, owning 90% of the world's money and assets.Where else remaining 10% of the population?These just do not flaunt their wealth.Loop through the fingers of their friends and be sure to at least one of the cipher, but find.It works that law in other areas: 80% of all purchases on the Internet makes all the same 20% of the total number of site visitors, while the remaining 80% of the "public" network visited by 20% of all sites.Stats!
It turns out that most of the effort did not lead to the results that are expected, which means only one thing: most of the time is wasted on empty, just in case subsidiary, distracting from the main.
small example.Improving computer technology occurred just on the 20/80 rule.To increase the processor performance of its schemes have removed nearly 80% do not use commands, leaving 20% ​​of those who "work" on all cylinders.The result is known!
80% of all knowledge comes in handy in only 20% of the time;
80% of failures occur 20% of all errors;
20% of the costs determined by the value of 80% of the cost of production;
20% sacrificial time required to obtain 80% of the results.Examples
mass, confirming the correctness of the law, through which you can derive a lot of benefit by optimizing their activities on the principle of 20/80, distributing the correct time, effort and material resources.Configure the target and choose to achieve only the necessary actions and means sifting chaff, because from the standpoint of the law, you can analyze any business that over time, simply become a habit and start to give a good result.
Distribute optimal time, bearing in mind that only twenty percent of one hundred is spent as intended.Analyze your material costs, because only one-fifth of all investments brings four-fifths of the profits.Ordering their capital wisely, you'll get only way to obtain high profits.Consider the time, the most precious thing is, most of which is spent on all sorts of stuff and nonsense, and you get rid of extra activity, unnecessary worries and anxieties, and can no longer devote themselves to the point.
Pareto Law - one of the simplest and most effective SEO everyday activities.Find the very same 20% of the costs, which will bring you the desired success and 80% consider that life is good, because it is everyone's dream!