How to make the mat: Master Class and advice.

Everyone wants his home look beautiful.Numerous ideas gleaned from a variety of television programs and shows, aimed at inculcating the taste and its development in humans.On the Internet, in magazines talk about how to create their own hands in the house, apartment or cottage comfort.It sometimes happens that one or the other picture selected for interior decoration, do not look in a fantastically beautiful, but slightly larger than the actual photograph, frame.For such cases, and is designed mat.Passepartout - paper or, more often, a cardboard ring, superimposed over a picture, photo, embroidery, placed in a frame.The appointment of a rim - giving a more aesthetic appearance of the subject.

Before making the mat itself to not only spend considerable sums of money to acquire it, you need to browse the network master classes, to acquire the necessary materials and, above all, consider the shape and color of the mat.About how to make mats, without spending a lot of time and effort, this article will tell.

For this tutorial, we need photograph frame with glass and the back cover sheet is good in quality cardboard, which is called "cardboard mat", pencil, steel ruler, stationery knife, tape and glue.

To understand how to make mats, you must first prepare the workplace.It must be large enough and clean.It is best to do the job on the glass or material intractable scratch.

In order to have the necessary size of the mat, you can take the glass frame (if removed), or insert the photo frame.The size of the element cut out the basis of our mats.You can cut out two such blanks: the second can be used to mount pictures.Is planned on the basis of location and boundaries of picture position and using stationery knife cut out this "window".This is a mat.

How to make a multi-colored mat that combines many shades?To do this, you can paste over the paper, combined with the color of the frame.To put this blank on the back side of the paper.

departing from each outer side of 1-1.5 cm from each extension of 0.5-1 cm, connect the label on the perimeter.For conducting lines using stationery knife cut out the desired shape us.At an angle of 45 degrees to cut off its corners and make small incisions to bending.

Using spray adhesive or double sided tape, attach the mat to the paper.Then folded over and sealed corners.It turns out a wonderful setting for photos.

Now back to our second workpiece.As planned earlier marks attach a photo to cardboard basis using double-sided tape or glue.Needless mats inserted into the frame, and then set on top of the foundation with the picture and close the lid.All.Our photo framed ready.

Many people do needlework, ask: "How do mat embroidery?".A distinctive feature of this design handmade frame with mount is pulling on the fabric foundation.This can be done with a wide double-sided tape, or special glue.If the adhesive or adhesive tape, first applied to the cardboard base of previously made labels, and then superimposed on top of embroidery.Passepartout can be stepped, round, oval or any other shape.The main thing - before you make the mats for a picture, choose the color to blend with the frame was perfect.