Artificial silk and natural.

In ancient times, silk was considered inaccessible and expensive material.Such tissue could afford oosby high origin.Silk is worth its weight in gold, they could pay in money.At the time, the production of the tissue was not available to each state.Secrets of the Forest kept his eye - and that's why he was so valuable.Over time, humanity has learned to produce artificial silk.

Rayon (Viscose) - a mixture of fiber, which is produced by artificial means.To produce this silk used natural polymers (cellulose).This tissue - the first industrially manufactured chemical fiber.The main form of artificial fibers - is acetate.

Industrial methods of producing silk:

  • viscose;

  • acetate;

  • copper.

Rayon advisable not to expose the mechanical washing, and wash by hand.Dry it needs, expanding or hanging on the dryer, it is advisable not to hang on the battery.Rayon easily smoothed and requires iron.

natural silk - a noble material.This fabric - a product selection mulberry silkworm cocoon secretion caterpillars.Ggusenitsy eating mulberry leaves secrete a fluid that turns into a solid thread.From this thread insect weaves a cocoon.When they gather, then placed in a special solution for soaking.At the last stage soaked cocoons are unwound and only after that original filament can be used to produce silk.

Silk fabric soft and durable.It does not cause allergies.To distinguish natural from artificial silk is possible by tactile sensations.Natural silk is very delicate and pleasant to the touch.If you set fire to several strands of the product, the smell can immediately understand what the silk before us.The fact that the rayon is lit and has a smell wool, while natural silk melts and smell of burnt paper.

silk underwear is usually expensive.This is due to the use of the original cut, embroidery, decoration elements.When it comes to bedding, the silk underwear is the best choice for those who enjoy a comfortable and pleasant stay.Any bed the laid silk, looks rich and elegant.As for lingerie, silk products have always had a female demand and popularity.Silk underwear overcame a woman beautiful and graceful.This fabric is nice to slip through the body, it is soft and weightless, so putting it on yourself, you will not feel absolutely no discomfort.

Silk is produced on looms.From it you can get the most diverse fabrics.All of them will have a different texture, strength, etc.Silk fabrics are different from other easily, good absorbency, gloss.Have this tissue, in addition to price, another drawback.It does not tolerate the sun's rays, and lends itself to burnout.This is the case of silk and artificial, on the contrary, is resistant to UV radiation and practically does not burn.Silk is very resistant to mold and fungi.Also, this wonderful material does not rot.