Medical phlebologist that heals?

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Who is phlebologist?That treats this doctor?About a mysterious medical profession have heard not all.People usually learn about it only after he was diagnosed to be the competence of the expert, and sent for treatment directly to him.Although Flebological diseases are not rare, the doctors of this specialization in the usual out-patient department are hard to find.

What phlebology and who is phlebologist?

Phlebology - is the medical section, which examines not only the functions and structure of the veins, but also engaged in the development of methods of treatment of venous diseases, their diagnosis and prevention.This particular trend in vascular surgery, which mainly specializes in the veins located in the lower extremities.In recent years, phlebology developed with particular intensity.The fact is that the modern pace of life, environment, stress, bad habits, overwork often cause exacerbation of many diseases, including cardiovascular.Just a few decades ago, some of them did not even know.New methods of diagnosis and careful study gave more opportunities to doctors, among them phlebologist.That treats this unknown doctor?It is a specialist who deals with diagnosis, treatment and prevention of vascular diseases of the lower extremities.

history phlebology

Existence vein disease known since ancient Egypt.Repeatedly, researchers noticed the outward signs of varicose veins when viewed excavated mummies.In addition, there were evidence that the Egyptians developed the treatment of this disease.Also, confirmation of its existence have been recorded in the works of the ancient scientists-physicians Hippocrates and Avicenna.

The cause of varicose veins was able to find Trendelenburg only in the 19th century.According to his observations, this deviation is due to the violation of circulation of blood in the veins.In a healthy person process occurs such that blood flows from the vein in the femoral subcutaneous.If there is a backflow of pathology, because of which the veins crowded and formed varicose.Then offered the only effective solution to the problem - removal of the great saphenous vein and its crossing or ligation.In the early 20th century, there have been several similar surgery, but not all of them have ended positively.Gradually, doctors were able to develop techniques to reduce the invasiveness of operations to a minimum.

When there was an X-ray apparatus, doctors have found more opportunities to explore the venous disease.To do this, they injected contrast agent, and took a picture on which to assess the complexity of the character and the specific location of the dislocation of the disease.An important role in the research phlebological deviations owned domestic physicians: Rheinberg, Askerhanovu, Filatov and Cracow Bakuleva.

little later appeared in medical practice innovative methods of diagnosis, which everyone knows, called ultrasound.Thanks to it was possible to investigate not only the pathology, but also the overall topography vascular patients, including a fixed speed and the direction of blood flow in the veins.This diagnosis is at times reduced the number of transactions, which replaced the more conservative and pharmacological treatment.It is called sclerotherapy and is the internal impact on vessels using special medicines


most common vascular disease

So, we have dealt with those who have a doctor phlebologist.That treats the specialist specifically?The most common diseases are varicose veins, thrombophlebitis and spider veins.It is with such pathologies most often encountered in practice.A little bit less likely to seek to phlebology with trophic ulcers, and venous insufficiency phlebopathy.

symptoms of diseases of veins

When you need to appeal to phlebologist?Treatment of varicose veins, thrombophlebitis treatment - his main specialization.But it is better not to wait for the development of the pathology and complications associated with it.Having noticed the first symptoms, you should always consult with your doctor to prevent the development of chronic disease.Signs that should alert patients are not always obvious, and many do not take them seriously enough, triggering the disease and thus complicating its future elimination.

noticed protruding veins in the legs purple or blue tint, dark pigmentation of the skin in the area of ​​the ankles or lower legs, sores in the joints, you should immediately see a specialist.Less suspicious symptoms, such as pain, swelling or periodic leg cramps, and not worth it blamed on fatigue or strain.They may indicate impending serious problems.

Modern diagnostics

Diagnosis of venous necessarily include Doppler ultrasound or angioscanning.If necessary, it will also be required to pass duplex scanning of the veins or venography flebomanometriyu.At the reception, the doctor palpates certainly affected areas and examines the nature of the visible lesions.Also to do some tests.What is needed, determined by a physician.When vascular diseases can be tested tromboplastnoe or partial thrombin time, the speed of blood clotting, fibrinogen, prothrombin index and others.

Treatment of vessels in the legs

As a doctor that treats phlebologist probably interested people facing the abnormalities associated with the veins.For the treatment of modern medicine can offer a conservative and surgical methods.Perhaps for this reason, many just do not know about who they can help: phlebologist or surgeon, a doctor treats varicose veins and thrombophlebitis.

conservative methods include medication, compression, scleroderma and herbal medicine.Surgical intervention is required in cases where the therapeutic measures can not cope with the disease.Then surgeons perform flekbetomiyu, remove the barrel large vein under the skin, eliminate blood reflux, or resorted to plastic deep veins.Varicose disease has several stages of development, which determines the speed and complexity of treatment.

sclerotherapy in the treatment of diseases of the veins in the first stage

the initial stage of the disease affects only small vessels, not extending to the main trunk.In this situation, the doctor will likely insist on sclerotherapy.She has several varieties.So, to remove the asterisks on legs and small veins used mikroskleroterapiyu.It consists of introducing into the veins using thin needles special substance - sclerosant.

microfoam sclerotherapy During this same substance is applied as a foam.This method is effective even in the treatment of pathologies and the presence of thick veins varices.Ozonoskleroterapiya involves the use of ozone-oxygen mixture, which helps to eliminate teleangiostazy.Small vessels and sprockets can be removed, and by the use of coagulation - thermal or laser.The latter applies even, if necessary, to remove the vessels in the face and other parts of the body.

Phlebectomy as a method of treatment of diseases of veins in the second stage

This option phlebologist doctor in Kiev or any other city recommends that patients with the second stage of the disease.It differs from the first progressive destruction of the valve apparatus of veins, which are main and under the skin.Classical phlebectomy is performed under general anesthesia permanently.Its essence is to remove damaged veins through incisions in the groin and in the bottom of the feet.It is sometimes possible to avoid such interference, replacing it with radiofrequency obliteration, or laser coagulation miniflebektomiey Varadi.

vein treatment in the third stage of the disease

The appropriateness of a particular method of treatment is determined phlebologist.What kind of treats and methodology generally recommends a specialist in the third stage of varicose disease?It is accompanied by a violation of venous blood flow, because of what form sores on his feet.They can have different size and depth that depends on the patient.The more he put off a visit to a specialist, the more complex lesions.

also often leads to the third stage of the negligence of another doctor to whom patients treated earlier, but did not receive effective treatment, losing precious time.Many phlebologists try to resort to conservative treatment tactics and expectations.This is necessary in order to heal the ulcer bit, reduce inflammation and reduce their volumes.Only then will proceed to operate using a combined phlebectomy.

Prevention of cardiovascular disease feet

As a preventive measure for people who are prone to diseases of blood vessels of the lower extremities, it is advisable to reduce the load on the legs.Homework possible to do in a sitting position.During the rest of the roll used blankets or pillows, planted under the straight leg.Not always, of course, but several times a day, such a break for 15 minutes, you need to make.Certainly it needs to eliminate hot tubs and forget about the Russian bath and Finnish sauna.It is better to spend pouring feet with cool water, at least once a day.If you have excess weight, it is very desirable to say goodbye to him immediately.People should also avoid heavy lifting, wearing clothes too tight and uncomfortable shoes.It is worth special search stockings or tights which are intended for fixing the vessels and reduce the load on them.

In the workplace you need to sit up straight, keep your back straight, not throwing his legs.The most optimal option - a short, use a footrest, or put them on the bar under the table, if any.Avoid flow off the muscles from time to time change the position of the legs, move them, rotate the feet and at least every half hour stand up from a chair, walk around and get some exercise.The vacation is recommended to go by sea.There's more than try to walk barefoot on grass, gravel or sand.If you have varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, venous insufficiency ulcers, sunburn is absolutely contraindicated.More shade less than the sun - now it's your law.And obzavedites strengthening veins cream or gel for daily use.

visit to phlebologist

treatment to bring rapid results, it was the most gentle and effective, it is very important to choose a specialist.Since the normal public hospital to find it practically impossible to require personal phlebologist.Good phlebologist should be not only a theorist and practitioner, but also a practicing surgeon.Competent consultation - this is the first step on the road to recovery.

That should be able phlebologist?That treats the doctor, already sorted out, but how he does it, too, need to know.It is known that all the organs in the human body are linked, because any disease can not limited to treating only one of them and must be complex.For example, in diseases of the blood vessels under attack it gets not only the venous system, but the other.In addition, the effectiveness of the treatment to a greater extent is not to eliminate the consequences and manifestations, but also the reasons why the failure occurred.It is important to follow this link, find the focus of the problem and fix it as soon as possible and painless.

Most professionals of this area - vascular surgeons.Now that you already know phlebologist specialist (who it is and what treats we wrote above), it is necessary to know in detail about the procedures that apply specific doctor in his practice.Therefore it is better immediately ask about this at the reception, to clarify what principles will be treated, classical or surgical.Or maybe he is fluent in other innovative treatments for varicose veins or using unconventional, experimental equipment foreign colleagues.In any case, it is possible to decide only after a thorough diagnosis, taking into account individual case.

Myths traditional medicine

know who phlebologist that heals and what methods you need everyone in the event of problems with the veins in the legs, should contact, without wasting time on useless wandering the offices of government clinics.It is necessary to bear in mind the seriousness of the problem, and in any case not to self-medicate, and especially not to use questionable folk remedies.There are many misconceptions about methods of combating diseases of the venous system.It is necessary to dispel these myths, which has seduced thousands of people than just hurt yourself.

So Foot disease is not treated with the help of hirudotherapy.Leeches are blood thinners for a while, because its flow is accelerated.The patient may notice some relief and partial disappearance of the symptoms specific to venous insufficiency.But this is a temporary phenomenon, because the cause is still not eliminated, and the disease comes back again, only even more severe.

Do not believe the advertising and the alleged miracle drugs and newer devices.If they existed, surely modern medicine has already taken to adopt these methods to get rid of the need for surgery.But they are still held, and phlebology is always looking for new and effective means to alleviate the suffering of patients and facilitate the work of doctors.All achievements are now actively practicing professionals, and as soon invented another drug or device, it certainly will be in the arsenal of private clinics.

No cabbage leaf, plantain, infusions and decoctions, and the more Urinotherapy not help heal the sick vessels, despite staunch supporter of alternative medicine.While the person conducting such experiments on themselves, further develop varices, thrombophlebitis progresses and spider veins on the legs grow.To help eliminate these ailments can only well experienced phlebologist.