The compositions of flowers

turns, flowers speak not only in a fairy tale.Skillfully created flower arrangements are able to recognize your place in the feelings evoked by the scent of his memories of past events, get to admire and dream about the meeting, or even sad ...

Even the most modest bouquet, decorated it with your hands and standing somewhere in a secludedcorner, is always ready to reveal the attentive observer the secret of your character, habits, tastes.For example, a woman who prefers daisies roses tend by nature a self-sufficient, self-confident and at the same time modest, sincere and very gentle.A lover of orchids - lady exquisite, sometimes capricious and arrogant.

very important and decoration: the ability to combine colors and artificial additions indicates a subtle sense of harmony.Although the latter quality is inherent in the nature of most women.Perhaps that is why flower arrangements they make.

When bouquets need to consider color, texture, shape, colors used.These are the basic criteria for dividing the generated composition categories: men, women, business bouquets.

bouquets Men traditionally have a triangular shape, or elongated and usually narrow.They use the color darker.

Women bouquets, on the contrary, round, with lighter colors.The girls decided to give flowers half parted, with delicate shades.Women suit colors are more saturated.

bouquets in business (eg supervisor), the emphasis is on elongated, with a dominant central flower, towering over the rest.It is a symbol of growth, striving upwards.These bouquets have to be strict, emphasizes precisely the official style.Business bouquets do not express feelings, gratitude, respect, reverence.

It is not necessary to order bouquets in specialized stores.Try to make flower arrangements with their hands.Equally exciting activity can play a role and soothing therapy.

To make choosing only fresh cut flowers.The flowers of wood (jasmine, lilac) slice split, the rest - break off the lower leaves and thorns (if any).Trained plants dipped to the ground in cool water for two hours, and then update sections (pruned again).Some colors, let milky juice (peonies, dahlias, hydrangeas, etc..), The ends are burned with fire, and immediately cooled with ice water.In lily anthers removed.These procedures will help to keep a bunch more.

flowers now need to sort out the length and size.Use fully disclosed instances desirable.It is best suited buds and polubutony.The preferred amount of the composition directly into vases.Flowers are placed not very thick, at different angles.First of all - natural.At the bottom, near the center, arranged flowers are dark and large, around the edges - smaller and lighter.It is not necessary to fill the emptiness.Lumina should remain.

If the bouquet is supposed to put on the dinner table, it is more appropriate small vase and a small bouquet.By the way, wild flowers look more aesthetically pleasing in clay bowls.

When it comes to decorating the apartment, the most advantageous option will ampelnye bouquets with beautiful writhing branches, which serve as a supplement or attachment to plants.Very interesting look and arrangement of flowers in a basket.

To bouquet pleased you longer use the melt water (or rain), and the tips cut the end at each change of fluid.Daffodils, hyacinths and orchids prefer warm water.Asters and dahlias like an evening shower and daily change of water.Virtually all colors except cyclamen, amaryllis and lilies of the valley, gratefully respond to a pinch of sugar each time you change the fluid.