How to make a bow with their hands

Activities in nature has never stopped anyone.But can a "raid" on a picnic to a nearby landing made even more entertaining and fun, if you take a bow and arrows, with which you can shoot at banks or cardboard targets.This activity can be so exciting that soon you will even disappoint due to the fact that it was dark, and it's time to go home.In the meantime, you can prepare for the coming fun and make a bow with their hands.The most important thing here - to find a suitable tree.Perfect material can serve as a nut, because of its smoothness.Therefore, we arm with a hacksaw, measuring tape, a knife, a roll of thick nylon rope or twine, scissors, sandpaper and go in search of wood.

find a more or less suitable tree, you need a fancy perfect branch, which will be the basis for a bow.Its length should be about 120 cm and a diameter - 3-4cm.

Carefully saw off the branch of a tree with a knife and we clean it, eliminating unnecessary processes.When the future with their own hands cleared the bow, making

a saw or a knife deep notch for the bowstring, departing from each end of 3-4 cm.

do a final sweep of the product sandpaper.The middle of the bow, where will be located the arrows, you can wrap tightly with string.

The same rope will bowstring.To get the optimum of its length, a tape measure to measure the distance from one notch to another and the figures we add another 12 centimeters to nodes (by 6 cm on each end of the string).

Measure out and cut the required number of twine.Good cable, inserting one end of the notch of the rope, and on the other side makes a loop to tighten the knot.

Continuing to do the bow with their hands set up our wooden "cake mix" at one end (the one which is already bound cords) into the ground.

second end, hold the hand and try to gently bend, so you can throw it through the loop and tighten it to the second notch.

bowstring must not hang, it should spring back to the boom bounced and flew, but not instantly fell to the ground.Here, perhaps, and all ready to bow with their hands.

remains to build a few arrows.For them will be needed even, smooth and quite long rods as thick as a pencil.The more, the merrier is a celebration of life.Find the necessary branches, remove them from the bark or sandpaper to smooth out the perfect smoothness.The tip can be done imprisoning stick a knife or pencil sharpener.The tip can be a little singe candle, that it is not too soon blunted.On the reverse side, at the end of sticks, you can "cross" cut quite deep notch, which are then inserted into the plant and for the strength of superglue cut from cardboard triangles.With them, your arrows will look like the real thing.

Now you know how to make a bow with their hands, and arrows.It remains to make a target.It can draw on a large piece of plywood or cardboard.Size define themselves, the main thing - that you do well see where your aiming.But remember that even the shooting of this "child" onion can lead to injury or other problems if you do not comply with safety regulations and to be inattentive.If you think nothing to worry about, then Master soon bow with their hands - and ran into the woods, in the country, compete with your friends in vigilance and accuracy.