How to marinate the kebabs: rules and tips

How to marinate kebabs?This question is eternally controversial.Some believe that the right marinade must contain vinegar, others prefer to use alcohol, and others - milk drinks.Who is right and what is better to marinate the meat?

Each type of meat - a marinade

Answering the question "how to marinate kebabs", you must first find out with what kind and grade of meat you plan to fry.We all want to barbecue was juicy and tender.These two indicators and discuss.

Softness meat

To get the most meat is soft, it is necessary to pay attention to his choice.Preference is better to give more young meat.Muscle parts that are not in continuous operation, for example, back, neck, will be softer than ham.For it would require stronger marinades, to obtain the desired properties.

Juiciness meat

juicy meat obtained only if it contains the fat layer, or marinate it in oil.It is important to fry a piece to keep it dry.If you choose the neck, then in addition there is no need to introduce fat.This section contains a sufficient amount of fatty streaks.How to marinate the kebabs if you lean meat or poultry?In this case, you will need a marinade with vegetable oil or fat between pieces of lean cuts.For example, skewers of lamb meat only require the use of spices and herbs, the marinade for chicken is preferable to vegetable oils, pork neck for the perfect blend of herbs, spices and weak acids, such as pomegranate, onion and tomato.


Many people wonder how to marinate skewers mayonnaise.There is nothing complicated.This marinade is well suited for lean meat.After all, everyone knows that mayonnaise is made up of vegetable oil, mustard, citric acid, and eggs.The last ingredient is clearly more than in the marinade for meat.All other components can be added to mayonnaise meat separately.You will get a delicious marinade, which will be nice and look appetizing on roasted meat.In addition, you will be able to change the proportions of what you will be able to improve the taste of the finished product.An important point: do not put salt in the marinade, use it before you start stringing pieces on skewers, because it dries the meat marinade.

marinade recipes

Now you know how to marinate kebabs and what products you should use.Here are several recipes for marinades.For the lamb, you will need: olive oil, lemon, pepper, dry mixture of herbs "Provence".Also, often lamb marinated in fermented milk products.This is not recommended if you are going on a summer picnic, and you have a long time to keep the meat in the heat.This marinade loves the cold.Example lactic marinade: natural yoghurt, garlic, dry chopped hot pepper, ground black pepper.You can marinate the lamb and the like: onion, parsley, coriander, cumin, pepper, ground black pepper, a spoon of olive oil.To marinate the pork, you can use the following ingredients: coriander, dried basil, dried mint, onion, black pepper.You can also marinate the kebabs in the mineral water.Take onions, herbs, pepper, salt and mineral water.The meat in the marinade must hold in the refrigerator for 10-12 hours.