The principle of operation of the generator.

In our lives, we often hear such a word as a generator.And perceive meaning of the word in different ways.Someone understands it as some sort of computer program, someone is electronic devices, and some general signal generator.I would like to focus it on the device, which generates electric power - a car alternator.

principle of operation of the generator car is to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.Also, this device is used to charge the battery when the engine is running.Another of his important task - to ensure the stable operation of all electrical systems, not allowing discharge of the battery.This usually occurs at low voltage.Otherwise, the recharge the battery, causing it to rapid failure.To be precise, the operating principle of the generator is simple.With belt drive motor rotates the rotor.Next, a voltage is applied to the excitation winding that forms a magnetic flux.Relay control adjusts the strength of the flow, which provides a reduction or increase in voltage on the brush.The output voltage fluctuates within the required limits, which is sufficient for normal operation of the battery.The principle of operation of the generator, is not as complicated as it seemed at first.


Each generator mechanics, except the principle of operation of the generator, you need to know and his device, which consists of several separate units, assembled in one package.The main elements are: a housing, a stator, a rotor, the relay controller and bridge rectifier.

housing the generator - it's an assembly of light alloy metal, which is the basis for the stator winding."Windows" in the cabinet are designed for better cooling.The front and rear bearings are located by means of which the rotor is mounted.The stator is a winding of copper wire, arranged in the grooves of the core.The three stator windings are interconnected triangle which connects them to the bridge rectifier.This is due to the fact that the car is considered to be a three-phase generator of energy producer.Phase windings must be insulated.The most common special varnish.The rotor has a single winding, which is located on the shaft.At the same shaft are copper rings connected with a winding graphite brushes which a voltage is applied to the relay control.

relay controller regulates and controls the output voltage of the generator.It can be installed either in the housing or separately.In the first case, the controller is with brushes in one case, and in the second installation of brushes is made on the brush holder.Bridge rectifier can be obtained from the three-phase AC voltage constant.The principle of operation of the generator will be more effective if it assembled all the elements add up correctly.In the case of skew jam may occur, leading to serious consequences.

On a design generators can be divided into two groups: traditional and compact design.The first is the device with a single fan, which is located at the drive pulley, and the second - with two fans located in the interior cavity of the device.From these differences in principle of operation of the generator is not changed.Its installation is made on special bracket bolts.Tensioning and fixing eye paw generator located on the lid.

During operation of motor generator is forbidden to perform several actions.When faulty rectifier can not leave it connected to the battery.It is not recommended to check the efficiency of the device, closing the "masses" and disconnected from the battery during engine operation.And unwanted spill electrolyte on the generator, antifreeze and other fluids.