Chinese Tea "Shu Puer": properties and contraindications.

Puer - a special kind of tea, which is produced exclusively in China through a unique technology.Collected leaves are subjected to an artificial or natural aging.There are two kinds of tea, which are made of a single raw material but differ in the degree of processing."Shu Puer" leaves a dark brown color, "Sheng Puer" - green.

little history Even before the time when the world appeared cars, fermentation (ripening process torn leaf tea) occurred during transport to the consumer.Following the reduction in delivery time, during which the tea is not the right time to gain "power", it has developed a new technology.It consists in the artificial fermenting.That is exactly what did these two famous kinds of tea - "Shen Pu-erh" and "Shu Puer".The first was made at the start (of course, long) technology, the second - on the new (artificial and fast).

harvesting technology, "Shu Puer"

procedure for production of this tea was developed in China in 1970.The leaves are collected from the field, zavyalivayutsya and fried at a low temperature in the special boilers to minimize the action of enzymes that oxidize tea.Next, it is subjected to a simple drying in the sun until then, until it evaporates from almost all of the moisture (90%).These tea leaves are called convenience foods.

treated leaf farmer arrives at the plant.There's tea dumped in heaps, press down on each side, watered and covered with a special cloth on top.After some time, begins the fermentation process fast - tea preet, and collected a heap of warmed to 60 ° C.For uniform ripening times a day and once their ted matter covered.And so it continues for about 40-45 days.During this time, specialized staff monitor the temperature and humidity, which can cause fermentation of tea, whereby it can simply rot.Then, it undergoes final drying and compression in the so-called pancake.

Tea "Shu Puer": property

In the homeland of tea in China, many consider it a tool in the fight with a lot of ailments.Even in France, conducted studies have shown that tea "Shu Puer" to prevent high cholesterol and seal the vessel walls.Also, use of this drink promotes the excretion of toxins from the body, it helps to cope with excess weight charges the energy for the whole day, rejuvenates the body, improves intestinal motility, and even reduces the risk of cancer.

"Shu Puer" how brewing?

Preparation of tea requires special attention, since if not properly carrying out this process, it can not only benefit, but harm."Shu Puer" brewed as follows:

  • for warming dishes, which will infuse the tea, rinse it with boiling water.
  • Next take about 150 ml of water.Its temperature should be below 100 ° C (about 95).To do this, we wait for about a minute after it boils.
  • Fill Chinese tea "Shu Puer" water and once it was poured.This is done to rinse the tea leaves dust and heating for further welding.
  • now fill with water again and wait a few minutes until the drink infusions.

Taste of Tea "Shu Puer"

If the tea is harvested and prepared according to the rules, it will be an unusual flavor of nuts, caramel or chocolate.But the taste is very similar to a strawberry drink.And I noticed that the fresh tea leaves, the fragrant and delicious it is.Therefore, many experts say that to keep it for more than 10 years, not worth it.


Eat Tea "Shu Puer" not recommended:

  • children up to 10 years;
  • for kidney stones;
  • during childbearing;
  • in eye diseases;
  • elevated body temperature;
  • insomnia;
  • at elevated pressure;
  • in certain diseases of the stomach.

Basically "Puer Sheng" and "Shu Pu-erh" is not recommended in cases where caffeine is contraindicated.

Several recommendations

  • Time Puer tea leaves should be small.The fact that, unlike some teas, he virtually immediately after pouring water gives it all useful properties.The first welding is enough for 20-30 seconds, during subsequent time necessary to increase by 5, 7, 10 and 20 seconds.
  • for tea is best to use clay or porcelain teapots.But to be able to monitor the brewing process, many are doing it in a glass container.
  • Many Chinese do not like to leave the drink "for later".That is why they take so much water, how much will be consumed at one time.
  • most quality tea, if its preparation had followed all the rules, obtained after a 2-3 second brewing.
  • Taste Puer is especially pronounced if the water for it to be cleaned and soft.
  • longer insist tea leaves, the stronger the tea will be.But in this case it contains lipids, oils and phenol are increasingly oxidized.This will significantly worsen the taste, aroma and reduce the useful properties of tea.
  • If the tea smells like mold, it is possible to talk about his corruption and violation of storage conditions.Eat a Puer is not necessary.
  • Do not drink tea, some medicines - it contains tannins, which form the tannin, which makes drugs absorbed.
  • If tea has an earthy smell or rotten, it means that he is immature.But get rid of it is not worth it.You can just put it in a cool place, where there is good ventilation and humidity less than 70%.Let him lie down there a couple of years for the final maturation.After this time, you can enjoy its pleasant taste and aroma.

than harm tea?

Despite all the positive properties of tea, "Shu Puer", it can be dangerous to health.But as a rule, it is only when it is improperly used or brewed.For example, if you drink the last drink, then it is likely to enter the body of bacteria, which multiply in the tea due to its high content of sugars and protein.

It should not be used before meals, as it contributes to liquefaction of saliva, resulting in food seems tasteless and there is a decrease protein assimilation by the body.Therefore, the best time for tea - 20-30 minutes before and after meals.

By drinking strong tea should be prepared for headaches and insomnia.The reason is simple - in the beverage contains a large amount of caffeine.