Sea Buckthorn tea - the elixir of health and longevity!

What could be tastier, richer and more aromatic than traditionally Russian seabuckthorn tea?Such healing drink, revitalizing body and soul, was prepared in ancient times throughout Russia even our great-grandparents, and its bright yellow color improves mood and quenches your thirst!Our quite simple recipes of how to prepare the sea buckthorn tea, help you maintain good health and youth for many years!

benefits of tea buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn tea recipe which you will find below, endowed with useful, almost magical qualities.In addition to the high content of vitamins and trace elements, sea buckthorn also contains organic acids that treats almost all diseases.Especially surpasses the content of ascorbic acid, which means your immune system will become stronger.Buckthorn prepare compote, jelly, jam, but we'll learn about the intricacies of preparing such an elixir as buckthorn tea.

With the addition of mint and honey

What you need to prepare the sea buckthorn tea with a delicate sweet flavor

of honey and cool shades of mint?You will need 3 cups of sea buckthorn juice, 1 liter of freshly boiled water, 2 cups of mint (pre-brewed) and 2 tablespoons of honey.If you do not like honey, safely replace it with sugar, but honey, of course, traditional.

now ready buckthorn tea, honey and mint.Dissolve sea buckthorn juice with boiled water, so it is not highly concentrated, pour in the broth of mint, put the honey, mix everything carefully and place in a cool place to the present.It is best served chilled.

buckthorn tea and apple juice

That you already know how to cook sea buckthorn tea.The recipe with apple juice includes such ingredients: 2 cups of sea buckthorn, apples and 5 150 g of honey.

Cooking this way: Go through carefully and add sea buckthorn berries in a saucepan.Suppress her to let the juice, and pour boiling water.Press apple juice (take cheesecloth or a juicer).Now, how to make tea: heat the apple juice in a saucepan and immediately fill them buckthorn berries, by the time they are good steamed.That turned a kind of healing tea.It is necessary to add the honey and stir.Drink delicious chilled, but you can add the boiling water and thus heated.In order not to cool down and berry flavored tea, cover tightly cover the pan, wrap a towel and keep warm for 10 minutes.Sea Buckthorn tea with apple juice infusions and become even tastier and richer.

prepare a drink of sea-buckthorn berries and ginger

We talked about how to brew tea correctly buckthorn with addition of mint and apple juice.Now we offer a recipe, where instead of these products put ginger.This tea - a very valuable remedy for colds, strengthens the immune system, restores the body's defenses, which helps to quickly recover from an illness, surgery or childbirth.

To prepare needed here are the ingredients: a classic black tea without all sorts of flavors and additives - 1 teaspoon, a small piece of ginger root or dry ground ginger (fresh, of course, is preferred), a little frozen sea buckthorn (about 1 tablespoon), 750ml of boiling water, honey, if desired.

beverage production technology from sea buckthorn with ginger root, boil water in a kettle.Meanwhile, clean the knife ginger root from the skin and rub it on the smallest grater.It can be cut into small cubes.Buckthorn defrosted in advance to suppress a bowl using a pestle to give it juice.Pour the tea into a container, add to buckthorn and ginger root.You can immediately when brewing tea to put the honey.So get healthier and tastier.Pour boiling water and leave to infuse for 4-5 minutes.After that you can suppress a little pestle buckthorn, this will only increase the taste.

That's it!The drink is ready, and you can pour it into the mugs.It is best to apply for such a beautiful tea cups made of transparent glass.So you, in addition to enjoying the taste will be able to contemplate the beautiful color of this divine drink.Its taste is sweet and sour, but not so sour, like cranberries or currants, and not too sweet.