What tire pressure should be in the winter

winter tire pressure should be checked at least once every two weeks, as well as sudden changes in air temperature.Factory machine manufacturer specifies in the recommendations, which in winter tire pressure should be at the vehicle.Properly inflated tire, optimizes fuel consumption and promotes safe driving by car.Seemingly minor deviations from normal values ​​may cause effects such as uneven wear of the tread, and thus further shorten the life of the tire.

should be remembered that at low temperatures, the tire pressure also drops.For example, if the tire pressure of 2 bar at a temperature of 20 degrees C, then at 0 ° C, this value falls to 1.8 bar.Thus, if the tire inflation process occurs at low temperature values ​​of the environment, should abide by the pressure given by the manufacturer.While, as the tire when inflated to a warm environment is necessary to increase the pressure in the tires of a vehicle in the winter by 0.2 bar.It is thus possible to compensate for differences arising due to the low temperatures.

No need to install winter tires type only on the axis, which is leading.Many motorists in an effort to increase the traction of the car makes a similar mistake.Although it would seem, the reasonableness of such a decision, like the option to install winter tires are not able to provide the optimal properties of traction in the winter.

In turn, there are some subtleties in the question: "What is the tire pressure in the winter it must be?" On the basis of logical reasoning can make a definite conclusion that in the case of installation on the vehicle low-profile tires is recommended that a little pumped them so as not to make money on wheels "lump. "Also, due to the transfer of a small wheel significantly increase grip characteristics of tires with icy roadway, thus can improve the dynamic properties of the car.

When installing soft type of rubber is very important to ensure that the tire pressure in the winter is not too low.Low pressure ratio for a rubber contributes to the rapid wear of tires and turn them into "rags."It also creates a high percentage of probability that the wheel burst on the road.It should be remembered that the pumped wheel, you increase the load on the suspension of the car.

winter, tire pressure should be checked on average once a month.So that the measurement accuracy is not affected by various factors, it must wait until the tire becomes cold.When the motion amount of pressure can be increased to 20%, based on all of the measurements are advised to produce after at least two hours after the end of the trip.

There is a common opinion: "On the slippery road surface need to reduce the pressure in the wheels, in order to increase the grip of the tires."This assertion is fundamentally wrong because of the reduction of specific pressure on the road surface, due to the increased contact area with the road grip characteristics of tires on the slippery road by an order deteriorated.Another reason, according to which it is not necessary to reduce the pressure of the tires - a potential risk when driving over any unevenness damage wheels due to the lack of elasticity of the tire itself.

Measure tire pressure, you can use a special device - a pressure gauge.This device is better to buy in conjunction with the pump.In general, ensure that your car tires are inflated to the extent it is necessary, especially in the cold season, in fact it will provide optimal traction and a smooth ride.