Organizational design: the structure, principles and reasons for use

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Organizational design is used to create the most convenient system management activities at each plant.

The objectives of this type of design is the definition and typology of the structural elements of the organization of labor, as well as their coordination.This is done in order to achieve their goals after making changes.

Organizational design includes several main components:

  1. structures.It can be an organizational, legal, financial and other.
  2. business processes.They are a way to implement the basic system functions.
  3. management systems.This system of internal planning and control, which take into account the motivation, quality management, as well as intra-regulatory framework.

Organizational design - a system that allows:

  1. develop an organizational structure that will fit a particular strategy.
  2. an system in the parent company and its business units.
  3. adjust business processes in the firm.
  4. develop a system that will take into account the working hours.
  5. settle creation of job descriptions.
  6. develop a uniform system of wages and remuneration (bonuses, piece rate, etc.).

New Project effective organization of work - it means to allocate the optimal ratio of elements that allows you to quickly and in time to fulfill all the requirements of the subject of management of the company.

Allocate such stages of organizational design:

  1. clear allocation targets, directions and the core functions of the company.
  2. Determination of the optimal type of organization.Create
  3. workers.
  4. Isolation of each working group a certain level of control.
  5. selection of the most suitable management structure.
  6. distribution of powers and responsibilities.
  7. Selecting the type of information and the establishment of warning.

Typically, organizational design has several reasons to use.This is justified if there are problems with the release of new products, as well as in cases where there is a problem with costs that can not be reduced.Also, factors that caused its use, may be as follows:

  1. It is impossible to increase productivity.
  2. deteriorating performance of the enterprise in the market (sales contract, there is a decrease in market share).
  3. Activities businesses are expanding and growing number of products, as well as expanding market.
  4. Inefficient work of higher or middle management as a result of overloading go repetition functions as well as the development of conflict on organizational matters.
  5. Improving the quality requirements of the goods, as well as terms of delivery and support services.
  6. Start of increased competition between the companies that provide goods and services.
  7. Organizational design relevant when developed and are beginning to use new technologies, and industrial automation.
  8. Also, if carried destructurization enterprise, as a result of which it is combined with others, or simply made the elimination of certain industrial branches.

As is known, the system of information technology is of great importance in the structure of organizational design.The fact is that they help to debug and steadily carry out the work of all production processes.That information technology is a major component of the success of any project or development, because they laid the foundation.