How to draw the moon from the series My Little Pony

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Bright and kind cartoon "Friendship - it's a miracle!"wins hearts of kids and adults.Young spectators enthusiastically follows the adventures of a mischievous ponyashek, they learn what true friendship, mutual responsibility.Younger fans of the series want to make a bit of a fairy tale in your life.The easiest way, of course, buy colorful toys, colorful T-shirts with the image of characters.The good thing, manufacturers of children's products offer a wide range of products.But you can go the other way.This way not only saves the family budget, but also develops the creative abilities of the child.For kids so love to draw pictures and paint them.Yes, it will be about how to portray the characters of the series on paper.Participate in this exciting lesson can not just kids - adults help is a must!Today we will learn how to draw the moon - one of the main characters of the series.This was a fascinating thing quietly fly rainy weekend or a frosty winter evening.

Operating materiel

kids probably already know all the details and the smallest details.But an adult before to draw the moon, you will need a small crib.Therefore, a brief look at the main features of character: the legend, character, appearance, habits.This is all we will need to make a picture as much as possible like a prototype.


Moon Princess Moon - one of the most mysterious characters of the series.The original name of "Moon" sounds with an emphasis on "I".Her alter-ego has its manifestations, sometimes turning a pony almost a villain.Because of urgent heart resentment Luna tries to choose the right path, but stumbles.Only the support of friends helped her get back on the side of good.

Ethnicity Princess

moon appears before the audience in a few images.In various episodes and her skintone and mane, and even growth are very different.But the basic tone of the moon - dark purple, deep blue, black.

How to draw a pony Princess Moon

first define the way.Let's try to draw a purple moon with purple mane.

1. Before you draw the moon, will do the layout.The moon round head and relatively small body.You should not apply pressure to the pencil.Auxiliary line then we will remove the eraser.

2. drawn face.The moon on the forehead grows a small twisted horn.Next to it a small crown.Her eyes fairly large, elongated.Before you draw the moon, draw attention to its mane - it is not as long as most of the series Girlfriends.

3. Draw the wings.They are relatively small.We pass to the feet.The moon long legs with sharp claws.Unlike most ponyash its hooves there is a pattern.

4. dorisovyvat rump and legs.Go to the tail.It is long, with a curl at the end.

moon How to draw a pony that it is most similar to the cartoon?Of course, you need to pay attention to all the details of the character.On the chest and rump she painted small pictures of the moon.Do not forget about the pattern on the hooves.

Coloring pony

To begin remove all auxiliary lines, they are no longer needed.Now we define the material.Suitable gouache or watercolor, colored markers, pencils, crayons, or gel pens.Leather Moon purple, and her mane and tail - purple.On the chest and rump her black spots, which depict white crescent.The moon big expressive eyes, the iris is too purple hue.Do not forget about the shadow - it will make a realistic figure.Detailing the background: add flowers, green bushes, sunny skies.

That's it!Portrait of the Princess of the Moon is ready.