How to learn to fight?

Each of us has ever wondered how to learn to fight.In our time, just need to be able to stand up for themselves in order to repel the bad guys, protect his girlfriend or loved ones, just be confident in their abilities.But unfortunately, it is impossible to learn to fight without a visit martial arts groups.After reading this article, you will be able to answer the question of how to learn to fight.

major role in the development of any martial art plays a physical form.Physical training to help strengthen muscles and improve response.If you are physically weak man, then you have to work hard.Be aware that in order to fight, physical training is not enough.It is necessary to be able to use his physical strength.If you know how to use the power of the right, then to perform tricks it will take much less.

How to learn to fight on the street?

For those who want to learn how to fight in the street, the best kind of training would be wrestling.With it you can develop dexterity and flexibility, as well as to master the technique of contact fight.These martial arts like Wushu, Karate, Aikido and Kung Fu can not be compared to the fight, and are unlikely to help in a street fight, but huge benefit for your spiritual development.

For those who want to learn how to fight, but does not have high growth and broad shoulders, the best sport - judo.It is in this kind of sport is mainly the ability to feel your opponent and scrupulousness.

If you have never played sports, try to enroll in a section of kickboxing or boxing.There you will learn endurance, the ability to strike, dodge enemy attacks, will develop muscles.

You can practice and several sports, and then choose the one you like.

engaged in any kind of martial arts, you will gradually cease to be afraid of attacks and stress related to the fight.And the best way not to be afraid - fight.Therefore, you need to advance themselves mentally prepared for a fight that may occur.

We would like to focus on the non-contact combat.Non-contact fight is different in that the defender is not a person uses physical force and has little contact with his opponent physically.Forward feeling the effects of forces: it hurts, he loses his balance, falls.This is explained by the presence of energy, with which the defender affects his opponent.

How to learn to fight at home?

If you want to learn how to fight, not leaving the house, try to start to develop your muscles with running or swimming.Only after that it will be possible to buy gloves and a punching bag.Choose the sport equipment you would like to learn, buy a CD with the basic techniques of self-defense or find this video.Practice right at home with your friends!

I hope that this article will help you to choose the type of martial arts, having mastered that, you will be able to defend their honor and the honor of their family.