Volkswagen Polo Sedan Owners Reviews

new model Volkswagen Polo sedan was highly anticipated.In September 2010, its release has become the most desirable event for motorists.Several years of development to Russian conditions were realized in the new version of the beloved car VW Polo Sedan.

Russian market for automakers is extremely attractive.Volkswagen celebrated the last several years devoted development of the market share.Opened in Kaluga plant started with the release of Volkswagen Passat and Skoda Octavia.Immediately after the beginning of this release discussed the possibility of implementing the budget issue cars from VW for the Russian market .

In this regard, the new line was launched, working on technology CKD.

Volkswagen Polo sedan reviews of the owners immediately gained positive.This car was created to be a viable option for ordinary Russian citizens.The new car is based on a VW Polo.The new model - is not just a sedan that combines a combination of hatchback and trunk.It is a model that has some overall improvement.

name machine was graceful and reflective functionality - VW Polo Sedan.The basis for adaptation in rather difficult conditions of Russian became VW Polo, on the other hand cars turned self-sufficient and quite competitive.

Volkswagen Polo sedan reviews of the owners already earned.It causes the appearance of the car and it was a huge demand in the local market.In recent years, the automotive market of the country there were many new proposals.And somehow, many of them at once discredited themselves: either the incredible price that the average citizen, naturally, is not available, or the poor quality of assembly.So niche "people's car" and remained free until the German proposal.As always, practical and high-quality.

This car was such means of transportation, which is not burdened with unnecessary "bells and whistles", has a sufficiently high build quality.In addition, knowing the reputation of Volkswagen, you can count on a long life, even at the minimum configuration model.Volkswagen Polo sedan reviews of the owners deserved as a reward for their appearance on the market, which for many has become motorists approaching the cherished dream.Most of the middle class needed a budget car that its price would have the characteristics such as auto Volkswagen Polo sedan.

Volkswagen has earned the respect of the reliability and perfection made her a model of people's cars.The quality and stability were the main indicators of all kinds of cars Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Polo sedan was created taking into account the conversion of the original Polo platform in the direction of increasing the length of the wheelbase, increased ground clearance and widening.Dimensions of the wheelbase and the amount of luggage this model were, respectively, 4384, 1700, 1463, 2552 mm and 460 liters.

Exterior features VW Polo Sedan in common with the entire line.The front of the car is made in the image of the latest generation Polo.It looks much more expensive machine of its value.


As the power unit in the car using a reliable 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 105 strength, which can work with 5 or 6 speed manual.

Engine Volkswagen Polo sedan is absolutely modern and reliable, best suits the Russian roads and conditions.With this auto engine combines excellent traction and economical characteristics.

Standard equipment includes two airbags, electric windows, immobilizer, radio equipment, a height-adjustable driver seat, 14-inch steel wheels, as well as the on-board computer.

Auto Body galvanized, corrosion resistant.Auto Paint and chrome elements are quite resistant to the harmful effects of atmospheric phenomena.Suspension of specially adapted off-road.

Price Volkswagen Polo sedan reviews of the owners justified as fit into the framework of the budget cars.In the base car in 2011 is ~ 413 thousand. Rubles.We should not forget that the "base" does not include radio, crankcase, floor mats.

dimensions machine biggest among the models of this class.Width - 1699 mm, height - 1465 mm, length 4384 mm.