Reviews of Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro has a rich history that began in 1966.New, just appeared a car that was supposed to compete with the Ford Mustang, immediately won enormous popularity.Since that time, the Chevrolet Camaro has gone through several stages of modernization, greatly affect its appearance, but always remained one of the most popular cars in the world.

This machine is for those people who can not sit still, and lead an active lifestyle.Rapidly rosshey popular Chevrolet Camaro stopped the energy crisis that hit European countries the 1970s.The crisis has forced the company to hold an urgent modernization of the vehicle, resulting in power the Chevrolet Camaro and, consequently, fuel consumption has been reduced.

emblem of the Chevrolet Camaro made in the form of a cross.This drawing of a young Durant, founder of the brand Chevrolet, saw in a Paris hotel on the wallpaper, and later made the Chevrolet emblem.Now the advertising industry famous "Cross", which is also called the "bow tie", is considered to be almost the most powerful symbol of and promoted.

of the number of sales of the car has always occupied a leading position, but after the release of the movie "Transformers", in which the car has played a major role, the already high sales at Chevrolet Camaro sharply soared.

Brand Chevrolet in the Russian market is one of the most popular.All vehicles sold in the market are divided into four groups, as well as the price of the Chevrolet Camaro - a car made in Russia and Ukraine, imported from Korea, the US-Korean company GM DAT machines and large-Russian assembly.American "massl car" presented more than forty years ago and then had a high dynamic performance

Chevrolet Camaro with a modern twist, a tribute to the past, not much focused on the "retro" style.Dual lights square shape, spoilers and fairings, powerful powertrain and a wide grille, plus a modern design - that's what distinguishes modern Chevrolet Camaro from other cars.

interior of the cabin is made in the style of luxury.It is distinguished by comfortable leather-trimmed seats with lateral support, height-adjustable and leather-wrapped steering wheel and a convenient dashboard.On the driver's seat - Six electric adjustments, so that the price of the Camaro Shvrole not least depend on the wealth of trim.

Reviews Chevrolet Camaro eloquently what love enjoys the luxury car, and a powerful engine, and emit a bright aggressive design is among four-seater coupe sports car.

creating a new engine, the designers have carefully studied the characteristics of the Chevrolet Camaro 60s, and only then began to experiment with new technologies.

new Chevrolet Camaro was a great V8 in volume of 6.2 liters, which develops 432 hp power upWith this engine, the power of the machine is quite a match for her very impressive appearance.The base Camaro is equipped with systems of traction and dynamic stability.And mode provides Competitive / Sport - but that in the days when you need a car "drive" on the racetrack or in other emergency situations.A six-speed automatic is equipped with an interesting and very useful function Launch Control - this is especially for quick start and no less rapid acceleration.

If we believe what they say about the Chevrolet Camaro reviews, it looks like a squat, as if pressed to the road, and not everyone likes it.Although even in the form of a sense of great power and dynamics.And the proportions exactly give the car of the future.

However, reviews of the Chevrolet Camaro and talk about its shortcomings, which are not so much.Quite a considerable fuel consumption - all eight cylinders is not only a powerful engine make the car a luxurious and solid car, but also very voracious.There are, of course, Kamari complete with six-cylinder engine, but such versions, unfortunately, the special reliability did not differ.

But most reviews of the Chevrolet Camaro say that with its dynamism and power of this car is like for the future.