Noise of the car with their hands

noise is perhaps the most serious source of irritation in the car.In addition, extra sounds that lead to fatigue, headaches appearance, they also distract motorists, which can cause quite serious road accidents.That's why experts and experienced owners of the machines is recommended to improve the sound insulation performance of the car.

resolve the issue of noise in two ways: firstly, there are workshops where you will be happy to help, and, secondly, to deal with this problem and can be on their own, because insulation car with his hands is not a back-breaking task.

deciding to protect themselves from exposure to noise, you should determine how much money are willing to pay for this or that kind of work and how to be a serious insulation.It is advisable to consult in advance with experts who tell you what items are best to decorate and what materials will be useful for this.Also, it is useful to ask what has changed in the machine in terms of sound, because often there is a situation when the owner, to install on your car a good noise isolation, finds that changed the sound effects from the speakers, and the music does not sound the same as before.If you are of fundamental importance it is these moments, it is worth considering whether you need insulation car with his hands on her, or still have to be abandoned.

Below we discuss some properties of the materials that should be considered when creating noise insulation coating.

The first thing you should pay attention - this is the weight of the material itself, since the laws of physics the higher the mass of an object, the better it absorbs vibration, thereby automatically reducing the level of noise emitted.In bulk materials vibration damped much faster than in the lungs, and this effect is achieved at the expense of redistribution of vibrational energy in which the mechanical energy is converted into heat.At the same time, do not worry, because the insulation is heated so small that you can hardly feel it to the touch, but the effect is achieved impressive.

second group of noise insulation materials operates on the principle of the barrier.This means that the insulation of the car with his hands performed using multilayer consumables.The extent of absorption of vibration have significantly higher, especially for low-frequency vibrations, which are often indistinguishable to the human ear, but applied no less harmful to health than high-frequency vibration.

Before you apply the insulation VAZ own hands, you must carefully examine the car and to determine the source of extraneous sounds - it can be as engine noise, the chassis, the creak of the sealing rubber bands or sounds coming from the outside, that is, road noise, whistlingdraft.

In order to at least partially get rid of the noise penetrating from the outside, covered with a special material to be part of the body above the wheels and doors.For this purpose, perfectly suitable rubber plate or foamed polyurethane.Surfacing such material, you must make sure that the holes used to remove moisture, remained open.

Get rid of the noise of the engine can be isolating dashboard.And in order to achieve the maximum effect, desirable insulation car with his hands, made almost all over the body, that is, on the bottom of the car, on the ceiling, and so on.But such work is done only by experienced professionals, so if you are not willing to take their own car seat, open the door trim and ceiling, it is better to turn to specialists who are engaged in such work more than one day.

Prices noise insulation car, starting from the minimum, can reach a fairly large sums, so I decided to make your car more comfortable, be prepared to pay for a good amount of it.