How to sew a bolero for myself and my daughter.

This indispensable item of clothing as the Bolero came to us from Spain.It is a versatile piece suit and can be dressed up as evening dress, and with jeans.For every type of clothes you had a good addition to know how to sew a bolero from various tissues.Here are some quick options for manufacturing.

How to sew knitted bolero.

We need otrez knit fabric size 50h150 centimeters.Fabric is desirable to choose one that stretches in all directions.Let us first thing the construction pattern.Spread before him otrez material.Fold it along.On the side sections measured from the fold to 10 centimeters on each side and make notch.Expand cloth.Now we add up otrez across and measure off the top and bottom cut of 25-30 cm from the fold.Make a notch and expand the tissue.

now combine smooth lines notch with each other: the lower the lower and upper side with the upper side.Cut off the excess material and get the cut bolero with long sleeves.Stitched top and bottom of the product.Now add up the pattern in half face inward and are paving the lines, curved lines of stitching on the sleeves.Be sure to grab a few centimeters from the edges of the processed and put tack.Remove the front of the bolero.Hem sleeves.The top and bottom product can handle lace, fringe and fur.

How to sew knitted boleros from old T-shirts.

Make it very simple.It takes only an unnecessary T-shirt with long sleeves and satin ribbon at least 1.5 meters long and 2 centimeters wide.Carefully cut off the collar and front panel cut in half.Slightly round off the angles obtained from the neck.Sections were processed on overlock.Now buckle sections into the shelves and on the neck of 3 cm and stabbed with needles.

Paving the finishing line, retreated 2.5 cm from the bend.The resulting Drawstring satin ribbon threaded and tightens the edges, forming a uniform assembly.We put the bolero and the tying of the ends of the ribbon bow.We get a very comfortable model.

How to sew lace bolero with cut-off sleeves.

Take any pattern blouse with sleeves of a fashion magazine.Shorten it to the required length and slightly rounded corners at the neck and hem.The finished pattern imposed on lace fabric, placing it in the light pattern, and cut out the bolero.Sew shoulder and side seams, and then iron out them.Neck, lower and central sections of the forehand cut out a drawing of lace fabric or treat with the help of piping.

Sew side seam on the sleeves.Sew them to the armhole, slightly priposazhivaya in place.Stitched sleeve.Making clasp of decorative buttons and tabs.The same principle can be bound bolero fabric.Only in this case will have to be sure to handle all the joints with overlock to prevent the fabric from fraying.

For any of the above methods you without problems sew bolero for children.It is likely to appeal to young women of fashion.Such a little thing you can wear like a dress or a suit.It will be indispensable in the summer, because the morning is still cool.My daughter is with great pleasure to wear a dress and bolero with you go to kindergarten.To make the model more attractive child, do not forget the decorative details.

To finish the perfect frill of lace, appliques and embroidery.Use satin ribbons, pictures of funny buttons and rhinestones.You can make an exact copy of a daughter for her bolero.In this case, your suits will go well, and the girl will be very happy that like the mother.