The skirt with a smell - fashionable and elegant.

If you are tired of things in the locker room and really want something new, then you will gain a skirt with a smell.This is a universal model can be made from any fabric, depending on the model.So perfect for summer clothes just did not find.Your skirt with a smell can be short and long, straight, flared, or from the air costume fabric, with decorative trim or not.It all depends on the desired final result.

We offer you several options for how to sew a skirt with a smell, using patterns without it.Any model you will be able to produce 1.5 hours and optionally supplemented with decorative elements.

skirt with a smell straight from the classic costume fabric

for this model do not need to make a pattern.We all learned to work as professional tailors.To sew a skirt need only two measurements: circumference of the hips and the length of the product.For example, take a length of 80 centimeters, with hip girth - 100 cm.We need a piece of fabric for the skirt 83h130 centimeters.The top will process piping.For fasteners need two decorative buttons and one button of no small feet.

All necessary darts will stick right in the figure.This method is perfect if you have a problem with building patterns or custom shapes.Take a piece of fabric and wrap around themselves, wrong side up, with its tissue sections in a pre-thought-out place.We will make you smell so that the upper section of the cloth held in the middle legs.Stabs material by needle from the hip to the bottom, preventing its displacement.Now stabs darts, starting from the side, rear and front ending.This method allows a perfect "plant" the skirt of your figure.

Remove the retaining needle and remove the blank product.Sewn tucks and press out the middle of them.Hemming longitudinal sections on the smell.After this process the bottoms product.Now for the top treatment.To put on this skirt and fasten it by means of needles.Carefully prune all the irregularities of the upper edge of the pre-otchertiv fine line perfect fit at the waist.Treat the cut with the help of piping.

note the location of the buttons.The lower panel of odor will be kept flat buttons, and the top - fixed on the two breeds.Spawn loop.We sew on buttons and admire the result.If you want to make this model a little more interesting, then round off the bottom of the cloth smell and treat all sections satin piping.

Long summer skirt with a smell

for this model is best to use a well-draped fabric.Measure out the desired length.Take, for example, 90 centimeters.Measure the circumference of the hips (100 centimeters).For the skirt with the assembly need to be added to the circumference of the hips even 70 centimeters.The thinner and more transparent fabric, the longer you need to take the cutting position.We cut out a belt with long strings.Stitched side edges and bottom of the product.On the top edge of the fabric to collect thread.Its length should be sufficient to wrap around the waist of the fabric forming the smell is not less than 30 centimeters.Sewn belt.It is enough to wrap the cloth around the waist and tie the ends of the long bow belt on either side of the skirt with the smell of gently draped hips.This model is perfect t-shirts, tops and blouses contrasting colors.

flared skirt with a smell

Take your favorite skirt-bell, turn it inside out and spread out on the paper, remove the pattern.For sewing patterns with the smell will need to carve out a back part and the front two.We process and tucks on the back shelf.Grind down the side seams folded parts right sides.The seam processed on overlock.Stitched side edges and bottom of the product.

measure the length of the top edge of the skirt and cut out the belt width of 8 centimeters, after adding to the length of 2 centimeters.Impose the front of the belt on the wrong side skirts and pritachivaem at a distance of 0.7-1 cm from the edge, leaving the sides allowance in 1 centimeter.Fold the belt in half inside out and grind it on the side seams.Ready to turn out belt buckle centimeter of tissue inside and nastrachivaem it on the front of the skirt.Spawn loop sew on buttons in a pre-designed locations.