How to cook the jam of red rowan

Red rowan berry is very common in Russia.It can be found not only in forests, but the parks.This jam of red mountain ash is not very popular, because not everyone can cook it, although in theory know that this berry is edible.In fact, this dish has a terrific flavor, it perfectly combines the sweetness and acid, creating a unique aroma.

Another misconception associated with this dish is that it should be ready in five minutes.Therefore, the Internet can find the recipe jam "five-minute".But in fact it refers to dishes made with black berries, or meant that the heat treatment Rowan is five minutes.

ingredients jam

For its preparation will need:

- water - 0.5 liters;

- red berries of mountain ash - 1kg;

- sugar - 1 kg.

Choice berries

Pluck rowan is necessary when it is ripe.Some believe that it should be done in the winter when the leaves fall off from the plant.In fact, it is not necessary to wait so long.The fruits ripen in mid-fall and usable, though some housewives prefer to cook the jam of red mountain ash in September.

Preparation berries

first mountain ash is separated from the branches are removed damaged fruits and thoroughly washed.Then the water is brought to boiling and was immersed therein berries.They should be prepared only fifteen minutes, then immediately take out the fruits and place under cold running water.It is better to use a metal screen as the only way to blanch rowan, cool it quickly and keep the water where it was prepared.


Next you need to make syrup broth.So jam red rowan retain all their flavor and beneficial properties.To do this, pour the boiling broth of sugar and cook over low heat until it dissolves.The next step must be done very carefully.First, turn off the flame under the syrup and as soon as the bubbles cease to appear immersed in a fruit.In this state, the jam of red mountain ash is left to infuse for 12 hours.


When the time expires, the dish once again put on fire and bring to a boil.Then the fruit is boiled for an hour until cooked.At the same time, sterilize jars.After the jam is cooked, it is placed in a container and capped.Then the banks roll over and cover with a towel for uniform heat transfer and cooling.

serving and storage at home

Such a jam quickly prepared and allows for a short period of time to do a lot of blanks.They will be stored for quite a long time and are perfect as a filling for baked goods.Also, this will serve as a wonderful ingredient jam for tea or dessert usual.To the table it can be served in a small deep dish or a special dish.It is worth noting that the berry has many medicinal properties and can be used for the prevention of many diseases.