The clean gold at home: recipes for cleaning compositions and methods

If you like gold jewelry and often wear them, sooner or later you will run into the problem than to clean gold.While many wear jewelry contaminated, they may receive the plaque, they also lose their luster and eventually may even be harmful to health (especially earrings).

We offer you a small selection of useful tips of what you can clean gold.

most of the pollution is not always washed with soap and water, you need to use more powerful tools.In most cases this is a consequence metal oxides, which are part of jewelry (one hundred percent gold, as is known, does not exist).Most often these metals (zinc, nickel, copper), oxides impart a greenish gold or black hue, because of this gold looks untidy, and the more the percentage of metal in the alloy, the greater the probability of oxidation.

Such areas to wash just will not work, so the question of what to clean gold should be divided into several stages:

1) Wash.

needed hot water in which to dissolve laundry detergent or other detergent.The solution is to put all the gold items, and hold there for 2 hours.When how to soften the dirt, it can be easily removed (use soft brushes).How can thoroughly clean the reverse side frames, grooves, all the decorative seams and joints - that there is often congregate all the unnecessary oxide.If after the first soaking the product is not cleared, the procedure must be repeated again.After cleaning the product, wash with cold water and leave to dry.If after several calls the product still remains unclear, it is necessary to apply the "heavy artillery" - chemicals.

2) Cleaning with chemicals.

The easiest and most popular method of removing oxides with gold - is to use a solution of ammonia (it is in every medicine cabinet, it is - a banal ammonia).For a successful purification of gold is better to take a more robust 25% solution and pour it into the saucer down to your product at least 2 hours.The gold is then removed and rinsed with clean water.

on the products still remain remnants of dirt, we recommend to use chemical cleaning.How to clean gold from scrap chemicals?It is best to take a soft abrasive paste for cleaning gold (coarser materials simply remove the top layer of gold and scratch the surface).After cleaning, it is necessary to remove the remains of the paste with a cloth, and then wipe the product with alcohol.You can also use a regular toothpaste (no bleach).

The question how to clean gold is also not neglect the grandmother's advice - often these funds can be much more effective than chemicals familiar to us.

The clean gold: folk recipes:

  1. Wipe the gold with a mixture of egg white and natural beer;
  2. Wipe the product with vinegar or ordinary cologne;
  3. Soak gold jewelry in onion infusion and then with all the dirty parts;
  4. Clean jewelry lipstick, then wipe.
  5. Another rather interesting and effective prescription treatment of gold: you need to take a mixture of lime with water and sodium chloride (9: 2) and grind together in the porcelain dish.Add a large amount of water, mix and leave to infuse for a couple of days.Then the mixture to pour a golden product for a couple of hours, then rinse in alcohol and dry in the sawdust.
  6. Very dirty surfaces can be cleaned with a solution of borax with water and wipe soaked in her woolen cloth.Then rinse and rub the product.

As you can see, the methods and variations than to clean gold is more than enough, you just choose the one that is right for you.