PSG - The next transformation of middle peasants Top Club

Buying sports clubs are no longer considered to be something unusual.Most wealthy people of the world is a dream of millions of ordinary fans.The new owners manage all transactions of transfer, infrastructure.That famous Parisian football club, not so long ago, he fell under the pressure of the Prince of Qatar.Now the team can not afford high-priced players, and sets the highest goals, paid football predictions are not comforting.But recently, the club was not among the favorites, even in the national championship, not to mention the European tournaments.

new owner forced to talk about Europe PSG.Primarily because of the sensational shopping.The most high-profile acquisitions of steel, the former striker Milan - Ibrahimovic and defender of the Italian club - Silva.Also, in a bitter struggle it was bought by contract Argentine Lavezzi, who fought for Zenit St. Petersburg and a few giants of Europe.Such steps could not give a result, and it is, as expected, has come.The team did not long harness, and immediately led the table of the championship of France.Perhaps even the most experienced fans of the club, do not remember the triumph of the national tournament.Incidentally, this result has been achieved, the last time back in 1994.

in the Champions League the French leader is also quite successful.Spectacular Game team offers hope of reaching the next stage.Currently 1/8 ticket almost booked for the Parisians.But such rivals as the big-name Porto and Dynamo Kiev is not a gift.

Individually, as a team too, who to select.The first is a Swedish nugget - Zlatan Ibrahimovic.Forward of the opened in the new team, and now has become a solid leader of the club.That he is now a striking force of the Parisians, and scored a fantastic balls.Apparently striker is experiencing a second youth, because he is now in its fourth decade, but in sports it means sunset career.

There is no doubt that at the end of the season the team will win at least one trophy.But its composition replenished with several other world names.In many ways, it's all because of the financial opportunities that have been obtained by various financial betting strategies.Although the successful management of these funds, too, plays a not unimportant role.

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