Decorative candles.

It has long been our home light bulbs, have sunk into oblivion tiered candelabra and chandeliers, studded with lots of candles, which were the only source of light in the old days.However, the spark did not disappear from our life.They are still present in homes, only to have a decorative item of furniture, for live fire has a truly magical and fascinating properties, even in the form of a small red "tongue", dancing on top of the wax figures.

lost their utilitarian function and become a design element of the room or the holiday table, candles gradually turned into an object of decorative art.Over their creation and design work of this artist.You can make candles with their hands at home.The process is simple, but fascinating, as well as any work related to improvisation and the application of creative imagination.

Candle own hands

Before you start, prepare all the necessary equipment and materials.Or paraffin wax is heated in a water bath, so you need a deep container.Another vessel is required to melt the wax or wax.More will need to fill the form of candles, sticks for stirring, thick cotton thread to the wick, wax dyes.Paraffin or wax can take the old spark or cinder, as the dyes suitable for children crayons.Better, of course, be used for pure high-quality materials that are easy to order in specialized online shops.To candle, made with his own hands, well burned, smoked or not smoked, it is important to know some of the subtleties of its manufacture.The main feature is correctly picked up the wick.It should not be too thin (candle will go out) or too thick (if it is smoke).Well suited for this purpose spun cotton yarn of medium thickness for knitting.The thread is cut off the desired length, impregnated with liquid wax and fixed in the center of the mold for casting, after making it in the bottom of a small hole.It threaded thread fix her bundle on the bottom outside, pull the height of form and fixed on the top stick, thrown through the top opening form.The wick should be well stretched.

now melted in a water bath wax is poured into the hole shape.First, a bit, so that it stood on the bottom, and then to the edges, and left at room temperature to a candle froze.

as forms for pouring candles use the most ordinary objects.It can be from yogurt cups, metal tin cans, glass jars and cups, old children's toys made of rubber, hollow inside.The main thing is that the material withstands high temperatures.

Now think about how you can turn a normal paraffin candle into a work of applied art, because the candle, made with their own hands - it's a great basis for the manifestation of creative imagination.

pleased to spark bright color in the melted wax before you pour it into the mold, add special dyes (or rubbed with wax crayons).The finished candle can be colored with colored contours, which are sold in art shops.

very beautiful candles decorated using decoupage.For such a decor paper napkin cut desired pattern separated the top layer of paper with a picture, it is applied to the side surface of the candles and smooth with the help of a hot spoon, which is slightly melt the wax, he provoschit paper and drawing will take hold.

as decoration also use color matting, laced braid, different beads, and in addition, natural materials: dried flowers and leaves, bark, bamboo, aromatic spices (cinnamon sticks, cardamom, grains, coffee, etc.).The melted wax was added as aromatic oils (except rose oil).Thanks to them, candle, made with his own hands, will exude a light pleasant spicy aroma.

very beautiful and fragrant candles decorated the coffee produced.Coffee candle with his hands to do so.In the prepared pan (it is better if it will be enough and high volume cylinder) placed the wick, and then pour a layer of coffee beans.After this grain are filled with melted wax, which solidify, firmly holds them.When the candle begins to melt, the grain impregnated with wax will be warm and exude a subtle coffee aroma.There is another way.The melted wax is added some very strong brewed coffee (instant), stirred directly into the liquid paraffin put a little coffee bean and pour the mixture into the prepared pan.