Football (its other name Aussie Rules) is a team sport with a ball.It incorporates elements known to us the usual football, rugby, basketball, it even contains some details of the fighting.His popularity in recent years is growing worldwide.

beginning of the game takes place after the referee throws the ball into the ground.After it rebounds, it is considered in play.It is this element in common rules for Aussie Rules football to basketball.

For each team there is the goal: to hit the opponent, moving forward on the field with the ball, and as a result gain more points.Each team has two pairs of gates, which are located on each other.They are located at the ends of the field.In the area of ​​50 meters near the gate there is a zone in which banned the attack to get the ball to the player.Hit the ball in the big gate count goal and brings the team 1 point.When the ball in the internal hammer foot, are narrower for finish charged 6 points.

height of the gate is not limited to a game like Australian football.Rules regulate the highlights:

  • run with the ball in the hands is permitted a maximum of 10 steps;
  • cover this distance, the ball either give or keep him traffic, certainly before it struck him to the ground;
  • it can be transmitted in either direction feet or hands.

If a player in Australian football to pass the ball foot, while his opponent captures the ball with his hands, then at last there is an opportunity, and the right to make a free kick.In the struggle of athletes for the trophy if he was pinned to the ground, the referee stops the course of the struggle and produces his ejection.It runs his hands to force the ball hits the ground.If the players in the Australian football accidentally pushed him beyond the field, and in this case, the judge ejected.He turns his back to the field and threw the ball over his head.

Each team consists of 18 people, and participants are divided into the central players, backlinks, and forwards poluforvardov, havbekov followers (they assume the maximum load on the run).

Football.Rules of the organization of the playing field and the requirements of the ball

This game will provide an oval field.It must have large dimensions: length - 185 meters, and width - 155 m (small deviations allowed).Center field delimited rectangle coated with it spinning.Construction command occurs at the edges of a quadrangle, a circle and emit ball.It has an oval shape.This version of rugby and it weighs about 670 grams.

match in total passes for 80 min.and consists of four periods.Each of these lasts for 20 minutes.Taken into account only the net time of the game.When different delays immediately stop the stopwatch.

Football is known for a very long time.Play it since the 19th century.It's quite a hard game.As one of the most dynamic events, it provides for a power struggle.The match was stopped very rarely, even if the player was dealt a serious injury.

in Russia in 2011 was created the Federation of Australian football.It includes players from Krasnoyarsk and Moscow.The team of the country was represented at the European Championships in 2011 and consisted of Russian and foreign participants.The game used the modified rules of football.The team at the end of the last tournament ranked 10 th out of the 18 declared.She won over Catalonia and Denmark and lost their positions of Croatia and Wales.

This year we plan to create Russia's first league with its member two Moscow teams.On a permanent basis in the country, Australian football is a 20 people.The other players - foreigners.Trains players Roger Scott, a visiting Australian expats.