What is an audit?

every entrepreneur should be clearly understood that such an audit and what it's for.Auditing is a complex of measures aimed at a thorough compilation and validation of the accounting and finance, tax reporting of the economic subject.For the company, the last such check, the tax office is loyal.

Asked what the audit, it would be desirable to note that an independent and reliable test that can improve the company's image or to keep it at the same level.To carry out these activities may be an individual entrepreneur or a special audit organization, which received a license.The expert must meet certain requirements and have an economic education.Audit of economic agents not only ascertains the reliability of financial reporting data, and identifies errors or distortions in accounting.In addition, the auditor develops specific measures to improve record-keeping at the enterprise.

most often in the company of the financial audit carried out, which involves the study of the financial statements on the reliability and accuracy.This type of test can be internal or external.The first is provided by most of the economic entity, this creates a special department dealing only audit.External audit is performed by special type of organizations that have received a license to provide a specific list of services.Activities of private auditors and entire firms regulated by public authorities and is based on specific legislation and regulations.

purpose of any audit is to express an opinion about the professional quality and reliability of the department of accounting and internal control systems.Therefore, at the end of the allotted learning all the intricacies of the period, the auditor should issue a report.This result may be different from absolutely positive if the companies were found material misstatements or errors, which subsequently economic entity has not corrected.Head of the company may not agree with the results, and require re-examination, but in any case obliged to pay for the services of the auditor in its entirety.

Everyone should understand that such an audit and what is its essence, as it can be carried out and forcibly.Mandatory checks are some business entities based on the criteria of the current legislation.This type of inspection is subject to payment, or auditing firm has the right to sue, and the amount established by a bilateral agreement between the parties, forced the company will transfer from the account in the bank serving it.

Recently became particularly popular in audit quality.It involves the study of all aspects of the enterprise, its main strategic approach and the pertinence of the effectiveness of the program.To this end, we study the results of the company for a specific period of time is considered competitive, demand for its products in the market.In addition, the expert concludes the possibility of applying the selected strategic position in the future, and the likely outcome is estimated that the company will receive at the end of the reporting period.

Entity should be understood that such an audit and what goals it pursues.Since this is just an expression of opinion of experts of the audit firm on the reliability of financial reporting and the reliability of internal control, and not a statement of fact.In the auditor also have a place to be various kinds of disorders, distortions or errors in disagreement with its conclusion can be expressed in the statement of claim.