Cloud computing

Recently, the network more and more common expressions such as "cloud storage" and "cloud computing."It seems that the trend towards the use of such services is gaining momentum.Let's try to figure out the meaning of these concepts.

So, what is cloud computing (cloud computing)?This whole concept that involves the launch and implementation of applications in the default Web browser on the local machine, whereas the programs themselves and their data to work on a remote server located somewhere in the vast network.

other words, cloud computing - it is software and hardware that is available to the user through the local or external global network as a service, enabling use of allocated resources (data, software, computing resources) using the Web interface and remoteaccess.

user's local computer, in this case becomes an ordinary terminal, which is connected to the network.Those servers that make cloud computing, called cloud computing.The load on the machine, which are included in a "cloud" is allo

cated automatically.Thus, cloud computing a supercomputer that sometimes consists of a very large number of machines.

The simplest example of cloud computing is peer networks (p2p, or peer-to-peer).The idea belongs to John McCarthy.It was he back in 1960 for the first time suggested that the future for computer calculations will be used "popular utility."However, like any technology, cloud computing are undeniable as the advantages and disadvantages of annoying.


  • reduction requirements for computing resources of a PC (it is necessary only having access to the network);
  • security;
  • fault tolerance;
  • speed data processing;
  • saving hard disk space;
  • reduction in energy costs, maintenance, hardware and software.

Disadvantages "cloud»:

  • emergence of monopolies, providing services in this area;
  • dependence preservation of user data from the cloud-based firm.

At present, cloud computing are widely used by different companies.A striking example is the service Google Docs, which is well-known giant offers its users.It allows web browser to work with any office documents.

Meanwhile, the company Yahoo !, Intel and HP have established a global open computer lab Cloud Computing Test Bed, which covers many areas.The purpose of the project - research and development in the field of cloud computing.

not remain on the sidelines and Microsoft.Since July 2012, Russia started official sales of the cloud operating system Windows Azure.Google also released its cloud operating system, which is called - Google Chrome OS.

Among other similar OS worth noting eYe OS, iCloud, Cloudo, CorneliOS,, Glide OS and iCube OOS.In October 2012, at Tsinghua University, which is located in Beijing, it has been developed cloud TransOS.The distinguishing feature of this new product is that it is, as they say, developers will be able to manage not only computers, but also industrial equipment and household appliances, such as washing machines and refrigerators.Also, it is perfect for mobile devices.

Cloud storage provides an excellent opportunity for users who lack the space on your hard disk to store all the information in the network.It is possible to use the limited access that is absolutely free.We note such popular store like Dropbox (2GB free), e-Disk (virtual flash card to 4 GB), Google Drive (5GB free), iCloud (for fans of Apple), Microsoft SkyDrive and Yandex.Disk.

As we can see, cloud computing along with cloud storage have become part of our lives.Proof of this is the fact that, according to TADVISER, in 2014, revenues from the various cloud services amount to 148.8 billion dollars.