What vegetables are added to the salad?

Which vegetables in salads?The answer to this question is quite simple.After all, almost all vegetables can somehow be used to prepare a delicious and hearty snacks.

Consider the list of the most popular products that are added to salads.

Which vegetables in salads?

Before answering this question, we note that there are products that can be used for making homemade snacks only fresh or, on the contrary, heat-treated form.Although there are universal and vegetables.For the preparation of a salad them either boiled or used in crude form.

Thus, we consider the top 3 most commonly used vegetables.

first place - onions

Responding to a question about what the most popular vegetables in salads, can not think of bulb onions.After all, without it costing almost no appetizer.

Due white or red bulb onions salads become more aromatic and rich.If you decide to argue with the fact that this vegetable gives dishes a special taste, try offering a snack without it.Believe me, you will immediately feel the difference.

Now you know what a vegetable in salads.Typically, to prepare such meals using only fresh onions.However, some salad recipes require prior scalding with boiling water the product or its pickling in vinegar or any other sauce.These actions alter the palatability of onions, depriving him of bitterness or making it more acute.

second place - carrots and potatoes

Which popular vegetables are added to the salad to give it satiety and calorie?In the second place, we decided to put the two products.It potatoes and carrots.They are often used to prepare hearty dishes.Typically, these vegetables are pre-boiled in salted water and then cooled, cleaned and ground on your own.However, it should be noted that often is added to the carrots and lettuce in the fresh form.It gives the dish a bright color, crispness and juiciness.

Third place - Tomatoes Tomatoes

, especially in the summer, often added to salads.They crumble into cubes or strips.Typically, such heat treatment the vegetables are exposed.Although in some cases, their scalded with boiling water, then in order to pull off their skin.

What vegetables are added to the salad for a juicy and tasty meal?Of course, tomatoes.They give a snack not only beautiful appearance, but also a great nutritional value.The only drawback of salads that are prepared with tomatoes is that they should be eaten immediately after cooking.After all, if the snack stand at the side, it may leak and lose their taste.

Other vegetables

Now you can say with certainty what the vegetables are added to the salad.3 popular answer: onions, carrots and potatoes, and tomatoes.However, there are other products that are also very often used in salads.Imagine them now.


Along with tomatoes, cucumber also often added to summer salads.As a rule, they chopped into cubes, strips or Grate.Use them for snacks only raw.However, there are recipes that require marinated, pickled or salted cucumbers.

This product gives the dish juicy and pleasing delicate flavor.However, a salad with cucumbers should not be stored for too long.In fact, after a brief exposure to heat or cold, they start to allocate their juice, which makes snack more watery.

Sweet bell pepper

Which vegetable is added to the salad to make it more useful to the human body?Of course, the Bulgarian pepper.After all, it contains a storehouse of vitamins.

salads can be used red, yellow or green bell pepper.Usually it is used in the fresh form.Although there are times when a dish requires the use of pickled peppers.


Most winter salads contains beets.After all, it includes a large number of vitamins that are so essential to our body, especially in the cold season.

salads beets previously boiled in salted water, cooled and peeled.In the future, it is ground according to the recipe.

Very often cooks add beet appetizer and raw.This makes for a richer taste and color.Moreover, fresh vegetables cleans the intestines, improving peristalsis.

Cabbage (white, of red, cauliflower, broccoli)

Many salads contain cabbage leaves or buds.These vegetables make meals easier and more beneficial to the digestive tract.After all, for anybody not a secret that cabbage contains a huge amount of fiber, which is like a broom sweeps from the intestine all superfluous.


Perhaps no salad is complete without greenery.After all, this product gives a snack rich color and unsurpassed flavor.The greens can be different: dill, parsley, cilantro, lettuce and so on.The main thing - to use it only in the fresh, pre-rinsed in warm water.

Bean products Bean products

actively added to various salads.Among them are green peas and red and white beans.These ingredients give the appetizer special tenderness and nutritional value.

less popular vegetables used in salads

Which vegetables in salads least?There are quite a few ingredients.These include radish, radishes, eggplant, zucchini, pumpkin, celery, squash, horseradish, parsnips, turnips, asparagus, rhubarb and so on.Still, there are recipes for snack foods that will not be complete without one of these ingredients.


As you can see, there are quite a lot of vegetables, without which the hostess could not make a delicious and hearty salads.Before adding a snack should be carefully processed in order to avoid possible poisoning.