The complex of physical exercises to help stay slim and young

in recent years have begun to actively promote healthy lifestyles, and most people really began to abandon bad habits that adversely affect health, right and rational to eat and, of course, carry out a complex exercise, without which it will be possible as long as possible to keep youthand the appeal body.

to our spine lost flexibility, and joints - mobility, just need to deal with morning exercises at least 10 minutes a day.No vitamin complexes and tonics will not help attain the morning freshness and harmony.But the minimum set of physical exercises will help to give your body all day energy.

In addition, you can help protect yourself from degenerative disc disease - the most common disease of the century, which has virtually no age restrictions.Even if the last time you were engaged in charge of youth is never too late to deal with it in adulthood.First, you need to start with lighter exercises - ten minutes a day is enough to feel the lightness in the muscles.

not necessarily fitness clubs and

gyms expensive - in fact elemental complexes exercise you can do at home.In this article we will look at simple and effective exercises that, without exaggeration, be able to raise the tone and help you lose weight.

Before you begin to engage in physical activity, give yourself installation - before waking up and not give in to laziness.Usually in the morning so nice to soak up in bed under a warm blanket, especially on cold winter days are, thus delaying the process of psychological separation from bed.But if you decide to live a healthy and active lifestyle, then forget about laziness!

hardly opened his eyes immediately turn on your back and stretch your arms at your sides, palms down - relax and stretch.Now you can start physical exercises, aimed at enhancing your vitality.

Making beautiful posture and even

left leg straightened in reserve position with the heel of his right foot pull ahead and sock on - at the same time.In this state, you must keep the leg for 10 seconds.Alternating legs - and so for the two approaches.

Then the heels of both feet forward and pull at the same time pull the socks - for 5 seconds, keep tension.We repeat: the left - right legs - both legs - 5 times (if you can hard twice).

Despite its simplicity, this exercise gives visible results: normalizes blood circulation, relieves muscle cramps in the legs and from lower back pain, and significantly improves the posture of man.

strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, making it taut and flat

Every woman dreams of a beautiful and flat tummy, and to visually appear slimmer, many go to various tricks.Some wear a corset, in the end after a certain time they have pain in the stomach and the heart.

second selected slimming underwear, which makes the stomach smaller, thereby disrupting the blood circulation.And what so to scoff at her own body and health, if it is possible to carry out simple daily physical exercises at home and after a while get the desired effect.

This exercise, which we describe, helps get rid of intestinal diseases, and helps to cure the adhesive process in the internal organs of the abdominal cavity after the operation.

When you exhale through the nose at the same time draw in the stomach with all his strength, and vice versa when inhaling maximally make an issue of it.All movements must be carried out quickly and in sync with breathing.

You can start to charge no more than five times, gradually increasing the number of movements to thirty.If you feel pain in the abdomen, immediately stop activities and consult a specialist.

If no movement is not cause discomfort, they can be more difficult.The upper part of the torso to lean forward and place your hands on your lower back - look ahead and make retraction and protrusion of the stomach.The greater the angle, the more force is required to make - hence the muscles work better, and the waist becomes thinner.

effective charging for hip

Unfortunately, most women hip is not ideal proportions, many even embarrassed to wear tight pants and hide bulky thigh under shapeless clothes.This simple charger will not only help strengthen the hip, but also to normalize blood flow in the leg muscles, relieving you of varicose.

Stand up straight, straighten your back, arms and lower the look ahead.Quickly through the sides raise both arms, jump up and put both feet as wide as you can manage, while straightening your knees.Almost immediately one jump back to its original position, making a shallow breath and lowered his hands (to perform 10 times).

All recommended physical exercises need to prodelyvat every day, being in a good mood.In addition to these classes, you can add those to which you are accustomed to or which are performing with gusto, and then the result will not be long in coming.