Unable to connect to the Steam: look for cause

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you know what is Steam?If so, you probably know about all the benefits that a gamer gets to take this platform from Valve.The player is not only made available to all of the most modern and exciting game, but also network battles with friends who may live on the other side of the world.

Unfortunately, not everything is always the possibility of "Steam" operating normally.In particular, sometimes the user sees the message "Unable to connect to the Steam», and often an error pops up for no apparent reason.

Look closely at the detail!

not rush to panic.How many times jumps this message?You once tried to start a game?If so, just try to do it again, after closing the Steam service in the system tray.

Typically, single client crashes with this error about anything terrible will not testify.Maybe blame the short-term problems on servers Valve.If this situation persists after the restart, check the Internet connection.

often happens that the blame for the provider that has some problems on the line.Furthermore, there are problems with trivial signal cable or Wi-Fi.If you are using a router, standing in the next room in the closet, its power supply.It happens that the nervous system suffers from the small things.Check?Still unable to connect to the network Steam?

address the causes

Try closing antivirus and firewall, and then try to re-start the game.Not so rare that online programs do not produce these "caretaker."Most often this happens immediately after updating the client Steam, when the main program files are changed, then the firewall starts automatically "suspect" that it upgraded some malware.

If starting "Steam" without firewall fails, you will have to manually add it to the exclusion program.To do this, you must check out the FAQ on the official website of the manufacturer of the application.Writing in this case, some specific recommendations can not be, because too many programs, and how to configure them different.

method of Valve

curious that the very "gate" of the problem of know, but to say something concrete about it because they can not.Support notes that this may affect a number of factors.However, they are also given a method that often helps.If you are unable to connect to the Steam, try it.

to mend all, click on the tag Steam PCM, then go to "Properties".In the dialog box, you need to find a field called "Object".At the very end of the prescribed where rows are inserted: «-tcp -login your login password».

, as a result, you should get something like this: «C: \ Program Files \ Steam \ steam.ehe" -tcp -login Vasyapupkin 9,876,543. "In many cases, such actions actually help resolve the painful problem.

Another solution

Some users have reported that the problems with Steam they started after switching to another provider. It is not known how, but sometimes Connect program with its servers prevents a large number of network adapters that are registered in the system. When unable to connect tonetwork Steam, better this list to thin.

Simply put, after the old provider is its network connection to be removed. How to do it?

click on "Start", go to "Control Panel", "network control". Inright side of the working window there is an item "Change adapter settings". After clicking on a link will open a window that will list all registered adapters in the system.They are among the extra connection, then remove.This is done by clicking on them and selecting the RMB in the context menu "Delete".

cardinal solution

Some Steam users turned to overcome the problem of a very radical way.They report that the program was properly connected to the server only after they have completely removed the contents of the directory Steam, leaving behind only the folder «Bin» and file «Steam.exe».

There are also more targeted solution.Again, go to the above directory, and then looks for the file «ClientRegistry.blob».Delete it, and then try to restart the program.You still can not connect to the network Steam?Go ahead.

more about the provider

If all of the above does not work, but Steam has steadfastly refused to leave the network, a problem in any case should be sought by the provider.Try this solution: go to "Control Panel" and then "Network Control Center."Look for the right side of the working window "Change adapter settings", and then right-click on your connection.

In the context menu click on "Properties".In the next dialog box, locate the item "Internet Protocol Version 4", select the left mouse button and click on "Properties".

In the fields "... addresses of DNS-servers", set the value of and "OK", and then again try to run "Steam".It - special open servers from Google.

Finally, try to remember, you did not install any additional software to the emergence of problems: Do not come any critical patch on Windows, whether the issue has not been updated nix-system?

Quite often it happens that for some unknown reasons the update may conflict with certain programs.So, still fresh in the memory of the story of the users upgrade Windows, after which the program is, in principle, refused to start.

Call technical support, please contact them by email, attaching screenshots with the problem.If this is something typical, arose precisely because of problems with the software, you are sure to help.

Here's what to do if you can not connect to the network Steam.