Water aerobics, exercises for pregnant women

Everyone knows that water - a "friend" of man.With it, we are not only temper but also relax.Staying in an aqueous medium is a pleasure to adults and children, contributing to the training of the muscles and calm the nervous system.

Physical activity has always been for the benefit of a person, but there are diseases and conditions when the load on the bones and joints becomes an ordeal.This is where you can apply such a direction as water aerobics, exercise in the water used to make not only those with painful joints and spine, but also pregnant women who are contraindicated heavy loads on land.

What is the use of water aerobics for pregnant women?

performing exercises for water aerobics, a woman in the family way, not only trains the muscles, but also preparing to leave.Classes can be visited at any stage, as long as they were under the supervision of an experienced instructor, and the complexity of classes increased gradually.

additional weight that is dialed during pregnancy, in the water is not felt.In addition, water aerobics exercise program helps to lose weight.

Also important and emotional future moms.Interestingly, water aerobics, exercises which are performed to the music enhances the mood and creates a lot of positive emotions.It takes a sense of fatigue, increases resistance to stressful situations.And what else is needed for the formation of a healthy psyche of the child?

Special breathing exercises are useful in childbirth, when the baby will be held on the waterways.Also, doctors are advised to engage in water to those who have the fruit of the womb is wrong - the buttocks down.

addition, improves blood flow to the uterus, and therefore the fetus, so it grows and develops better.The woman raises the tone of the muscles involved in the birth process, the load is removed from the spine and increase overall stamina.

Obstetricians noticed that those of the fair sex, who walked on water aerobics during pregnancy give birth to lighter than those who are not familiar with it.

How are classes pregnant?

duration of one lesson is about an hour.There are some areas on which the water aerobics: stretching exercises, aqua, breathing techniques and stretching.

main thing is that the woman - "Beginner" was not trying to do something that is performed by experienced pregnancy.Each session should be fun, if something causes discomfort (water temperature), or there was a pain in the abdomen, the lesson should be interrupted.Occupation is better to start at least an hour after eating and do not load immediately after it.

Just how beneficial for a woman aerobics, exercise in general, can be judged by the state of health after the occupation.If there is severe fatigue, the training took place correctly, the norm should be observed in a burst of energy.

When can I start exercising?

in early pregnancy exercises are usually performed in the power saving mode, more time is given to swim.In the second trimester classes are held with the greatest intensity, and by the end of pregnancy, preference is given respiratory training.

main thing is that a woman has had good health and a positive attitude.

When you can not do?

Some pathologies of pregnant women do not allow to engage in water aerobics:

- placenta previa

- late toxicosis

- threatening miscarriage

- acute diseases or chronic under increasing

- vaginal and fungal diseases

noticed thatwater aerobics (exercises and breathing techniques) during pregnancy can reduce the risk of such unpleasant postpartum phenomena such as overweight, loose skin of the abdomen, lower back pain and back pain, varicose veins and general decrease in muscle tone.